Kyle irritates a lot of people in Hollyoaks and sooner or later, he might get a taste of his own medicine. The actor behind the character is Adam Rickitt, (just a little trivia, Rickitt had been a former cast of another great TV series called “Coronation Street"). Kyle was trying to get a reaction from James but didn’t expect that backlash.

James Nightingale's wrath

That was some intense moments between James Nightingale and Kyle Kelly - it's no secret that they despise each other. The scene that was just shown on multiple streaming websites is an instant classic, however, Kyle can be described in one word and that is a prick.

He will use and say anything against you to get the best out of you. But Kyle’s confidence with his “skill” didn’t work with James.

Even without this scene, it is safe to say that James is not Mac (his father). James is a cerebral assassin, he does things cautiously and uses his mind in every step of the way. His father, on the other hand, is brute force. As stated by James, he used to get beat up by his dad when he was a kid. He even describes Mac as a depraved Neanderthal. If there’s one thing that sticks on that scene it is the teary eyes of James when he burst out against Kyle. The pain and suffering that he was dealt before are somehow coming back. The fans felt the same and their initial reaction is to give at least a hug to the hurting James.

Misbah's latest scare

On the other hand, Misbah is now battling an injury that will surely change the landscape of their family. What a turn of events, Misbah who is still trying to help Imran might need help in the near future. It was reported that her injury is indeed affecting her vision and there’s a possibility that she might lose her eyesight.

Sami is visibly shocked about the news and he immediately confronts Imran. Sami was loud and clear about his sentiments and confronted Imran. Imran is a typical high school kid with a childish behaviour. He is stubborn and doesn’t take a backseat to anyone, including Misbah. Fans hate Imran so much that a recent thread was created discussing the possibility of him getting fired or killed in the series.

The same reaction from "Game Of Thrones" characters Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton.

Hollyoaks is doing a fast pace storytelling right now and missing one episode will entirely kick you out of the loop. The cast and characters of the show are also urging their fans to vote for them in any category available in the upcoming 2018 British Soap Awards.