Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, another surprise suddenly appears in the most anticipated longest running soap opera in the land. Eileen who has been through a lot of challenges looks to have brighter days - until the last episode that was shown. Who is the man responsible for stalking Eileen? Is he what the majority of the fans think? Well if he’s back, Coronation Street will be in chaos.

The feisty Eileen Grimshaw might be a strong single independent woman. However, there’s one particular person that she is scared of, her ex-husband, the estranged Pat Phelan.

‘Corrie’ has provided some interesting plots before between the two but this could be the biggest. As we all know, Eileen thinks that her husband is already dead and gone. This is the same notation that legions of fans have and they could be wrong. Did she just see her “killer” pass by in the street?

Pat Phelan is back?

It began when Eilleen and Nicole were standing and busy having a conversation, when out of nowhere, somebody started taunting them. This particular event alarmed them which made them take their next step. They were sure about their hints that it was Jade, Seb’s mom all along. But that is not the intriguing part. Remember the car who pass them? Yes, if you are going to re-watch the episode and see it frame by frame, it looks like a resemblance of none other than Pat Phelan.

Without any confirmation from the showrunners, it is plausible that the theory created by the fans is real. However, there are other suggestions on who the alleged stalker might be: Gail Rodwell, the nemesis of Eileen. It is fully documented that these two despise each other and if there’s a chance to destroy each other, they’ll surely do it without hesitation.

Other possible identities of the stalker

How about Seb Franklin? Yes, the kind and loving friend of Ms. Grimshaw. Now, this might be far-fetched but it could be a possibility. For the longest time, ‘Corrie’ was able to create a character that has the tendency to “flip the coin” according to their needs. Seb is no different and some fans think that he is just acting.

Lastly, the egotistical Daniel Osbourne. He is probably the most obsessed character about the Pat Phelan case and hunting down Flora. It is very easy for him to stalk Eileen since they are neighbors and he knows the street better than anybody. Osbourne can easily manipulate anybody due to his brilliance and the intimidation he brings to the table.