Ignacio “Nacho” Varda (Michael Mando) might be going to play a big role in the upcoming “Better Call Saul” Season 4. In fact, there are a number of swirling rumors about his alleged “huge role” that might have a connection with the cartel.

The show’s plot has been bound to secrecy; thus little is just known about the upcoming new installment. However, new theories emerging hint the possible storyline Nacho might have.

A huge role in the cartel

Reddit user blackout03 believed the cartel might figure out something about Nachos’ role with Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) in “Better Call Saul” Season 4.

If truth be told, the way Gust Fring (Gian Carlo Esposito) looks at him. it seems to imply something big is going to happen.

Another theory predicted Gus will never hurt Nacho. After putting Hector out of his way by making him a disabled man for the rest of his life, he just made him a big favor. Gus even believed Hector deserves to suffer, rather than die immediately. In fact, he said, “a single bullet to the back of the head would be too humane.” So, he might even give him a big reward in the upcoming new episodes.

The son’s vengeance

To recall, Hector was first seen paralyzed in “Breaking Bad.” Although it was never revealed how he got crippled in the original series, “Better Call Saul” Season 3 unveiled what really happened to him.

In fact, he was fully-able, but he had to take medicines regularly for his heart condition.

As Nacho happened to be his nephew and Hector dragged his father to the dirty business of the cartel, he tried to stop him, but to no avail. So, to save his dad, Nacho gave him his own kind of medicine by replacing his medication with a placebo.

This resulted in him suffering from a stroke that ultimately left him paralyzed.

A new boss of the cartel

However, when Nacho tried to replace Hector’s medicines with another pill once again, Gus caught him and gave him a suspicious look. So, according to Daily Express, there is a big possibility the drug boss is going to confront him in “Better Call Saul” Season 4, although what he is going to do with him remains a big mystery.

This could either benefit or put Nacho in danger – depending on Gus’ decision. But, as his move actually benefitted him, he might be up to something no good. He, too, could potentially be the new boss of the cartel, replacing his uncle.

AMC has yet to announce the official return of "Better Call Saul" Season 4 to the small screen, but it is expected to be out later this year.