Adam Sęczkowski: Why in 1998 did you decide to present power metal not, for example, black metal, death metal, gothic metal or nu metal?

Chris Bay (Freedom Call): "Making and creating music is not based on a lottery. Music is growing up from a vision, an idea, a passion of creativity."

Could you give us a brief history of Freedom Call?

"1999 the first album Stairway to Fairyland was released, then 9 solo albums, 2 live albums, 1 live DVD, a the best of album and many more. Countless tours and shows at festivals…too many years ago, so for more details you can check Wikipedia Freedom Call."

Who created the band's name?

"It was an idea of co-founder and good friend Daniel Zimmermann and me…to find a band’s name is one of the most weird things. We had breakfast at an airport’s cafe and we’re discussing the band name, and this moment was a kind of magic. Freedom is a main belonging of all life, and we’re calling for it."

You wrote a song Metal is for Everyone but not everyone likes metal. How can you convince some people to like this kind of music?

"Metal is for Everyone is just a synonym for a common threat for the human mankind. All these stupid religions, thoughts of racism or inhuman things happen in the world…(always happened in the world!) could be erased by any one and only common threat. If all humans in the world would be for example METAL HEADS…we had Peace On Earth!

So, you see, Metal is for Everyone."

The newest album Freedom Call's Master of Light was released on 11 November 2016. The Master of Light tour which began in 2016 continued through 2017 and into 2018. When will be the next album?

"I already started the songwriting process for the next album of Freedom Call…and it’s running fantastic.

2018 will be a creative year for Freedom Call and the release of a new studio album is planned for early in 2019. We played so many shows with the Master album, I’m finally looking forward to playing new songs in our set."

What’s your inspiration to create new music?

"Music is my life, music is my best friend. It’s one of the most important parts of my emotional life…can’t live without it.The inspiration to write new music is that simple everyday.

You just have to open your eyes while walking through the streets of life."

Who do you feel has been most influential to you as an artist?

"My parents, my family and friends."

Would you describe yourself as a perfectionist according to your work with music?

"He, he…kinda like…on the private side I prefer the easy going of life, but in the job, I’m sometimes too perfectionist."

Private life

Is it difficult balancing between career and family life?

"Not for me. I have no own family, not kids. But that was part of my decision to become a professional artist, which is traveling a lot and all the time around the world. I noticed this situation - rockstar vs. family - several times with friends and colleagues … it’s a challenge day by day.

But…say never no..."

One of your biggest dreams was an original (Gibson) Les Paul guitar. Has your dream come true? What is your biggest wish at the moment?

"Yay, It came true, but now I have it a while, fuc*king great toy. It’s a Gibson Standard from 1993, great guitar for studio things. I played this guitar for many tracks of my solo album. Regarding my music gear, I’m totally fine … no more instruments, units or racks or cases (probably before this interview is published I'll have bought me a new guitar). I deeply wish a happy life to everyone, enjoying your short time on earth…and finally, I’ll never stop my dream of peace on earth."

My friend asked me to ask: do you have any special secrets on taking care of your long hair?

"He, he…I’m a real lucky long haired bast*ard. No secrets, but I have this advice…drink enough beer!"

I know that you love mountain biking. How much time can you spend on your hobby?

"O yeah, I really was too lazy in recent years. I’m living in a beautiful area in Germany, just like a paradise for mountain biking…But, TOMORROW I’m gonna start to exercise."

Solo project

What made you decide to start off with your own solo project?

"Over the many years of Freedom Call, I could collect tons of song material beside the style of FC. I decided that the songs where too strong just to delete from tape. So, the idea was born around 2011 to re-arrange all the songs and produce a solo album. My buddy Ramy Ali (drummer of Freedom Call) was helping me out and played the drums on my solo album.

All other instruments are played by myself."

On 23 February 2018, You presented your first solo album Chasing The Sun. What can we find there?

"A collection of strong, catchy and easy singalong songs. For real true and blood drinking metal heads probably a bit too soft and poppy. For all fans of good rock music in the 80s & 90s style a recommendation. I did it in purpose, because I never want to be in competition with Freedom Call."

Are you planning a Chris Bay tour?

"I've already confirmed several shows around Europe and South America for 2018. The tour schedule is enormously increasing and obviously, I won’t get bored with life this year. I decided to tour firstly as an solo artist, just with vocals and acoustic guitar.

I’m gonna play very personal shows in a cosy atmosphere, a good opportunity to meet and greet me as the person, not as a metal performer."

Are you expecting to do any more with the solo work?

"Firstly, we will be busy with writing and be producing a new studio album with Freedom Call. Then we will play an expanded tour with Freedom Call all around the world … if I will survive that, I’m gonna start to write a next solo album ."

We have met during the Festival City of Power in Zgierz, in Poland. What impressions do you have from your trip to Poland? When can we expect you again in our country?

"Of course, I can remember. I have already been there twice … one time with Freedom Call and another time as a special guest for my friends of the Italian power metal band Dragonhammer.

I've always had a fantastic time in Poland, so I can’t wait to come to play in your country as soon as possible … as a solo artist AND with Freedom Call."

Thanks a lot for your time and at the very end let me ask you for a short message for your Polish fans!

"Thanks a lot for your questions and your great support for Freedom Call and my solo album. Last time we have been in Poland was 2015 as a special guest for Sonata Arctica … so the time has come to come back, soon! A big Cheers to all metal heads in Poland and all the best to everybody. Don’t forget, METAL IS FOR EVERYONE!"