When the Most Haunted team came to Codnor Castle they were in for a surprise. Codnor Castle is one of the most haunted places in the UK with poltergeist activity, a man committing suicide and apparitions aplenty.

Most Haunted is a production of Antix Productions owned by husband and wife team Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie. The show has been running for many years now and started its early run on Living TV. It is now shown on Really part of the UKTV network.

Yvette Fielding placed a trigger object by a column, in this instance a doll supposedly cursed.

As the programme went on they encountered the usual alleged paranormal activity orbs, knocks, bangs and misty forms on camera.

As the team entered the room where the cursed doll had been placed the doll caught fire. Everyone panicked and managed to put the flaming doll out using their feet. A locked off camera caught the doll bursting into flame all on its own. There appeared to be no logical reason why this would happen and even a fireman from the Cheshire Fire Service said it was odd. There was no device on the doll according to the fireman that would cause the doll to set on fire. So are we to conclude this bizarre incident was genuine? Apparently even the Most Haunted team were shaken by this.

'Most Haunted' accused of fakery

Many sceptics have accused shows like Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures of fakery. Setting out to mislead the public to keep their interest. Either because no genuine paranormal activity has taken place or the show is a fake.

Derek Acorah a supposed psychic medium was caught out by the resident sceptic Kieran O'Keefe on Most Haunted a few years ago.

Other members of the crew have also been accused of misleading the viewing public.

Some have also accused Ghost Adventures of not being real. This programme is headed up by Zac Bagans with a paranormal investigation team in tow. Like Most Haunted, they visit alleged haunted places looking for spooks. Ghost Adventures seem more tech-savvy than Most Haunted as the kit they use to confirm the existence of spirits or not is state of the art.

Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures are probably the most well known of these programs, however, a plethora of these shows have sprung up in their wake.

Real dangers in paranormal investigation

The Ghost Adventures team and the Most Haunted crew if they are to believed have stated paranormal investigation has affected their lives. For example, cameraman and fall guy of Ghost Adventures Aaron Goodwin has claimed spooks wrecked his marriage. Also, Yvette Fielding claimed she did not want to make anymore Most Haunted yet here her she is doing just that. (Must be short of money or foolhardy!).

Finally, by all means, watch these shows but messing with things you do not understand is not recommended.

There are real dangers from Quija boards and other things to do with the paranormal.

This may seem laughable and absurd but speaking as a Christian messing with the paranormal is a definite no, no. There is the good and the bad side and I know which I would rather follow, however, the choice is yours.