TOEI Animation had already confirmed weeks before that episode 131 is the last instalment of their latest creation. Fans are divided on this decision since there is still a lot of ground that can be covered basing on the past episodes. The only thing that is guaranteed right now is that Dragon Ball will have a movie and TOEI Animation and even Akira Toriyama is all in with this project.

The last man standing

The Chikara no Taikai or Tournament of Power started with 8 universes consisting of 10 warriors each. All of them have one goal which is to be the last man standing in the tournament.

The rule of the tournament is very easy, outlast other universes and your universe will survive; hence, it will be destroyed. Jiren the Gray is the last remaining warrior for Universe 11 while Universe 7 has Son Goku and the Evil Emperor, Frieza.

Goku was able to break his limit again as he gained godly power in his ultra instinct. It was so remarkable that even the Gods of Destruction stood up as a sign of appreciation to what Goku was showing. On the other hand, Jiren the Gray is still in disbelief on Goku’s new form. He was anointed as the strongest fighter in the tournament but that doesn’t seem to be the case right now. Goku is playing Jiren like a puppet. The scary thing is, Goku isn’t even exerting that much effort to evade or attack Jiren.

Now, who will be the winner? As per the latest post on the main website of Dragon Ball, Universe 7 survives the daunted Tournament of Power. The only remaining question is how was Jiren defeated? It has been an ongoing debate since episode 129 that Jiren might be able to unlock his own 'ultra instinct'. However, we can erase that theory as Akira Toriyama stated to TOEI Animation that ultra instinct is for Goku only, with the exemption of the Gods of Destruction.

This is also the reason behind why regardless of how much effort Vegeta gives, he can’t have this godly form of Goku.

Is this really the end?

This might sound like a broken record but even the series director for TOEI Animation isn’t sure about what Akira Toriyama is planning right now. He thinks there’s a strong possibility that a sequel will happen.

The most intriguing part is when Akira Toriyama encourages the fans to watch the last episode until the end. It seems that he has a big surprise or a plan already once the Tournament of Power arc ends. Hopefully, he and his crew will create a series for a notable character in this saga such as The Assassin Hit, the Gods of Destruction and of course, the greatest foe that Goku ever fought, Jiren the Gray.