A few months ago, the producers and director of Doctor Who made a move that created division between their legions of fans. Naming the next Doctor is not easy but proclaiming the next Doctor in a form of a woman spelt out trouble for them. Apparently, not everybody was open to the idea of having a woman to lead the episodic series. After 12 Doctors they’ve suddenly made a change and to this day, fans are still puzzled.

The 13th Doctor revealed

Jodie Whittaker isn’t new in the business, she's made a name for herself and is widely considered one of the best English actress we have today.

However, she does have something to prove since she is the very first female incarnation of the doctor. With that said, fans should be very patient especially with the first few episodes of season 11. New season, new Doctor same quality with regards to storyline, those are the things that they should expect.

No official release date yet

There’s no specific release date yet for the 11th season of Doctor Who. Various groups from social media claim that it will be released by May this year but it is highly unlikely. Upon checking the time frame of the production, it is safe to say that they will premiere season 11 late this year. The season finale which was showcased last December created a buzz which makes the new season more intriguing.

Nevertheless, if they are such die-hard fans of the show, they should not have missed any of the series episodes.

New cast of characters

Apart from Jodie Whittaker spearheading the new season, she is accompanied by some brilliant actors. Bradley Walsh who is a seasoned TV series veteran will play the role of Graham. Tosin Cole who is known for his role in The Cut will star as Ryan.

Lastly, Mandip Gill completes the new cast playing Yasmin. There's also a returning figure for season 11 and she needs no introduction, her name is Sharon D Clarke. So who will travel with the new Doctor in the TARDIS? Well, there are a few names mentioned but it is not yet finalised.

Chris Chibnall who is responsible for making some big decisions in the new season is looking to shake up the whole cast as well.

During his recent interview, Chibnall stated that it is a must for the new Doctor to have a new set of friends. Whittaker chimed in and commented that what they have right now is a dream team. Currently, the only thing that was guaranteed is that the new series will have 10 episodes and each of them run for at least 50 minutes each.