Ever since Cayden James who is played by great actor Michael Emerson, made his appearance on the show, he made it a point to make the life of Oliver Queen a living hell. James might not be physically intimidating but he is a cerebral assassin.

Cayden James' revenge

For those who are not familiar, Cayden James motivation to do what he does is to avenge the death of his son. Apparently, he is blaming the Green Arrow on the incident. Now back on the incoming episode, Cayden James has set up a plan that will totally destroy Oliver and his team. However, Jack Moore (known as William on the show), will be landing on James’ radar.

It was not clarified yet what Cayden James will do to William but basing on his track record, the fans might be seeing the last of Jack Moore. James is a control freak and his first move is to take the whole city. Oliver Queen knows James’s capability and that is why he engineered his own counter-attack. Despite the danger that they are facing, Oliver Queen opted not to contact some of his team members.

Team Arrow's plan

Oliver’s plan is to go all out with the original members of Team Arrow. With that said, Curtis (Echo Kellum), Rene (Rick Gonzalez) and Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) will not be taking any part in this episode. A lot of fans believe that Oliver Queen should lower down his pride and forgive the other members.

There’s a reason behind why Oliver spied on these three members. He was right about his instinct that he is being betrayed by his new allies.

However, in defence of Oliver Queen’s fans, he is actually doing the best for the team. Among those three 'evicted' members, Dinah is the most despised. She’s been keeping the vigilante’s secret which tried to kill them last season.

There are no leads yet on whether or not these three will eventually return to Team Arrow. One thing is guaranteed, Oliver will not apologise to them and they should stop whining like little kids.

As for Cayden, the tactical attack that he created has already begun. This might be one of the hardest test or battle that Team Arrow will face as they are fighting a man who's got nothing to lose and is ready to destroy them at all cost.

Sad to say that a lot of civilians will be caught in this crossfire but it is a part of the plan of the revenge thirst leader of Helix.

The original airdate for Season 6 Episode 11 is January 25, 2018. Same schedule at 9:00 - 10:00PM ET. For those who haven't watch episode 9 and 10, they still have the time to do so. Season 6 is by far the best instalment the franchise was able to produce.