As it often happens, when people separate after working together over a Period Of Time, the `team` that worked together often move onto solo endeavours. Sometimes they are a success, but many times they are not. This is similar in the music industry, with famous bands separating and developing their own solo careers. Ιn this article we will look at what happened when the famous girl band Fifth Harmony lost their lead singer.

What was the main reason Fifth Harmony separated?

The group Fifth Harmony comprising of five young girls appeared together for the first time on the TV show # The X Factor in 2012.

They stood out and wowed the audience with their strong vocal and performing abilities. After the end of the show, their singing careers took off and they became famous all over the world. They went on to make many international hits, like Work From Home in 2016. But as we said in the prologue, not all the fairytales have a happy end, one of their singers Camila Cabello, 20, decided to leave the group and pursue her own career forcing the band to carry on without her. The media and many showbiz experts speculated about a big quarrel between the girls etc., then Camila Cabello finally revealed why she left the group.

Why Camila Cabello decided to leave the group at the peak of its success?

Last Friday, after so many rumours flying around about her exit from the band, the Cuban born star Camila Cabello decided to speak and gave a full interview to digital magazine # TheEdit.

She spoke about her rise in the music industry, her busy working schedule for 2018, and of course why she really left Fifth Harmony. First of all, Camila explained that being in a group with four other girls such as Fifth Harmony led to a sense of "Healthy Competition" between all the girls and it had made her conscious of being the group`s weakest link.

As she stated in her interview: " Ι wouldn`t be the person that I am right now and I hadn't been ready for this. I feel like being a part of group teaches you so many things about yourself, ironically," she revealed. As a logical result, she also claimed that being part of a group helped to "shape her " as a person. She went on to say she learned so much about herself with all the experience with the band.

Since that time, Camila has been focusing on her own successful career while recently releasing her debut album Camila which has been well received.

Fifth Harmony made their first appearance since Cabello's departure, at the 43rd People's Choice Awards 17 January 2017. They also released their third studio album Fifth Harmony a few months later.