In a world full of business, stress and too much routine, everyone needs a break now and then. Sometimes this break means travelling abroad. What happens when your flight has a delay, or even worse it is cancelled? More often, the accuracy of flight departures and arrivals represents approximately the state of your blood pressure! It also reflects how well the global aviation system works. With this in mind, the flight precision indicator OTP (On Time Performance) tends to gain stock market characteristics and refer to the Baltic indicators, who reflect the demand for ship cargo shipments.

What are the conclusions of OAG performance of airlines?

Specifically, the specialist in the field of air transport operator (Oag) has created an informal `punctuality league` with the largest airline companies on the planet. Τhe most recent classification of OAG was published in the early days of 2018 and was based on data from 57 million flights conducted throughout 2017.

According to the OAG`s ranking criteria, on-time performance (OTP) means the arrival of flights, which can not be delayed more than 14 minutes and 59 seconds (less than 15 minutes) from the scheduled time of the route. 250 of the largest airline companies participated, based on the number of available seats in 2017 Available Seat Kilometer, (ASK) and flown more than 30,000 flights during last year.

Furthermore, OAG included the airlines for whom there were available data for at least 80% of their routes, also taken into account their cancelled flights.

Who were the top airline companies with the best on-time performance for 2017?

The top 20 of the world`s largest air carriers, includes six Asian companies, six Europeans, just one from Latin America and seven from North America.

The strongest USA companies were in the top ten with Delta Air Lines in third position (82,76% OTP), United Airlines in seventh position (79,86% OTP) and American Airlines in ninth position (78,97% OTP). The top two are Japanese companies, with Japan Airlines being in the first place achieving 85,27% OTP of its arrival time, while All Nippon Airlines, ranked second with 83,81% OTP.

What about on-time performance of low-cost airline companies?

In the separate category of low-cost companies, at the top was the Spanish Vueling Airlines which reached an exact time of arrival at 85,25% of its flights. A notable absence from the list is the Irish airline company RyanAir, the largest European company of this low-cost kind which failed to appear on the classification`s table.