Bernard Hiller, top Hollywood Acting Coach recommended by superstars revealed Oscar Winning Predictions and how everything actually started: The Academy originally created this event to celebrate and bring attention to the film industry. The first Academy Awards was given out 90 years ago in just 25 minutes. Can you believe that? How things have changed! Now, professional actors never really think of themselves in a competitive way towards other actors. But if we really wanted to know who the best actor/actress is, there is only one way!

We would have all 5 nominated actors play the same parts.

And then we could judge them on who was the most creative, surprising, took the most risks and brought something truly unique to the role compared to the others. The current 5 nominated actor’s roles are so different in character, scope, and acting skills that it can be difficult to judge fairly. Some roles are more difficult to play than others and some could be better to showcase an actor’s range.

Since acting is subjective, here is how I see it as a Professional Acting Coach for the past 30 years and who coaches on movie sets in over 18 countries. I’m going to tell who is going to win and why.

Best Actor - Gary Oldman

(This is a sure thing) With the help of incredible makeup, Gary immerses himself so deeply in the role of Winston Churchill that the actor disappears.

It’s a tour de force performance. With subtle nuance, passion, and style. Every aspiring actor needs to see this performance!

Best Actress - Frances McDormand

Gives a strong and heartbreaking performance. Wearing a headband like a samurai warrior she goes up against everyone in her way. This is the best part she has played since “Fargo.” There are tender moments and sharp dialogue which will help her win in this category.

(I should also mention Margot Robbie in “I, Tonya” for her sensational performance). However, I believe Frances will win.

Best Supporting Actor – Sam Rockwell

Another sure thing. Sam plays a racist but conflicted cop. The complex layers Sam created for his character really shines in all his many scenes. The wide arc of his character is also shown towards the end of the film where he attempts to redeem himself.

Sam never misses an opportunity to show us his unique talent.

Best Supporting Actress – Allison Janney

This is my favorite performance! Playing the worst mother in history to Tonya Harding! It takes tremendous acting skills to promote her point of view and ideas without any apology. As an actor, your job is to make your character look good, even when you’re playing someone bad. We all do things, in the heat of the moment, that we believe is right. In the moment we feel justified in our actions. We later sometimes regret things, in the clarity of clear thinking. But, Allison plays her character with the mindset that her “tough love” towards Tonya is beneficial and the best course of action in order to create a champion ice-skater.

Allison steals every scene she is in. Her powerful presence is truly felt and we wonder where she is when she’s not on screen.

Best Director - Guillermo Del Toro for Shape of Water

Best Picture - The Shape of Water