Aggravated Liam takes to Twitter to respond to Noel

Sparks flew on Sunday night when Liam Gallagher took to Twitter to vent his frustrations over recent comments his brother Noel made about artists who don’t perform their own material.

This comes only months after Liam and Noel were said to have called a "truce", after years of ongoing hostilities.

But the peace was short-lived. On January 7, whilst touring in Perth, the ‘As You Were’ singer told his 2.73 million followers: “Dig me out all day long rkid but Richard Ashcroft pisses all over you and the 2 Ronnie's every day of the wk as you were LG x".

Liam jumped to the defence of The Verve’s frontman Richard Ashcroft, in response to comments Noel made on Sodajerjer Podcast last month. Noel criticised the likes 'rkid' (referring to Liam), Richard Ashcroft, Ed Sheeran and even members of One Direction for using songwriters instead of writing their own songs. Noel branded himself in the same camp as Paul Weller and Johnny Marr as musicians who write their own material.

Liam hit back against comments made by Noel in previous interviews and branded his support of bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and U2 as “undignified”.

This is a direct swipe at Noel, who last year during an interview with Music Feeds outruled the possibility of headlining stadiums, commenting that he didn't need to be a stadium rocker in his fifties, as he felt that this was something he had done in his youth and now believed it to be undignified.

'F**k the truce'

This explosive rant sent Liam’s followers into an uproar, with one concerned fan question: “what about the truce?”. Liam did not mince his words: “f**k the truce”.

An Oasis reunion? Seems unlikely

This outburst comes after a period of ‘thawing’ between the two brothers. On December 31, radio host Chris Moyles met Liam to discuss, amongst other things including the viral video of Gallagher making a cup of tea which sent the interview into a frenzy, his relationship with Noel.

Things were looking positive, with Liam reporting that he and Noel were ready to bury the hatchet and teased fans about the possibility of nineties rock band Oasis getting back together.

However, after Sunday night’s explosion, a band reunion looks unlikely. At least for now.

The brothers are continuing on with their music careers separately. Liam is currently touring his album ‘As You Were’ in Australia, whilst Noel is set to hit the US with his 2018 tour of album ‘Who Built the Moon?’ in February 2018.