A very bad mistake

A father has been branded as a 'paedophile' after checking into a Travelodge with his 14-year old daughter.

Staff at the Travelodge in Macclesfield, Cheshire, raised the alarm when Karl Pollard arrived with his daughter, Stephanie, last month.

Pollard had no choice but to book the only remaining double room at the budget hotel, whilst on their way to visit the girl's ill grandmother in hospital.

Unbeknown to them, staff tipped off the police accusing the doting father of being a 'sex offender'.

Sudden realisation

Pollard reports being given 'funny stares' from the receptionist but, due to the innocent nature of what happened, thought nothing of it.

It was only when the police knocked on the hotel room door, the sudden realisation of what was going on kicked in.

The family were completely shocked by these accusations, admitting that this had already been a very emotional trip for them, only to be made worse by being branded as a 'paedo'.

The pair made the 4-hour trip from their home in South Wales to visit Pollard's cancer-stricken mother in hospital, who has also been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Shock and confusion

Whilst brushing his teeth, Pollard was greeted with a knock on the door only to be confronted by a policewoman. The policewoman accused him of being a 'paedophile' and grooming underage girls.

This was met by absolute shock and confusion, whilst the two were swiftly separated.

After being interrogated by the policewoman, in order to prove he was really Stephanie's Dad the matter was dropped straight away.

However, teenager Stephanie was traumatised by the event and left in floods of tears after believing her dad was going to be taken away from her.

Hotel issues apology

Pollard has accused Travelodge of treating him disgustingly and reported that he did not receive an apology at the time.

However since the incident, Travelodge has apologised for any distress caused to Mr Pollard and his daughter.

The hotel chain issued a statement acknowledging its responsibility towards young and vulnerable people, as well as justifying its actions to phone the police and NSPCC if made suspicious, for any reason.

However, the hotel admits that in this instance they got it wrong, as well as refunded his £150 stay.

Cheshire Police also released a statement, saying that Travelodge did the right thing by reporting what they believed to be suspicious activity involving a minor.

However, thankfully this turned out to be a misunderstanding.