Karina told us about her acting journey and her amazing Film and TV projects to date. She explained to us how she quit a job and went to London to study acting. After that, she had so many projects coming up, on TV and in Film. It is always interesting to listen to the story of success, this time about actress Karina Diglyte.

Quit her job and start acting

Sabina: Can you tell me about your acting beginnings?

Karina: I have a business degree and went to work at the Swed bank first in Lithuania, but always felt out of place. Then I started to work on a TV Show Candy camera in every episode being a series regular, where I was improvising all different scenarios - pranks on people.

It's a funny show, so that's how it all started...then I decided to quit the bank and went to London to study acting, where at school this film director right away cast me in his feature film Morning tea, then I signed with modelling/commercial agency and did a bunch of commercials…also, I started working in theatre where I performed A.Chekhov plays Chekhov farces.

Best projects to date

Sabina: Which are your best projects to date?

Karina: I worked on many Independent films, and recently I played a lead role in a film Things that Bleed, which was directed by Bafta-winning Simon Giles, which just got selected by New Haven International Film Festival. Also recently I worked with an Academy Winner Ryuichi Nakamoto who wrote and performed the short film Full Moon, she won an Oscar for Revenant and The Last Emperor it was directed by an award winner Shoda Yukihiro, who won awards at Cannes Media Silver Awards of Shoda Yukihiro 2013, Cannes Media Silver: ADIDAS Highest Goal, 2012 Shorts Shorts Film Festival(Screening): film - Blind 2011, Geneva International Film Festival / One dot Zero(Screening): so now Full Moon is being selected for festivals too…

Plans for the future

Sabina: What are your plans for the future?

Karina: For future, I am looking forward to working with Paul Duddridge who directed a feature film Mothers Day with Sharon Stone and Susan Sarandon. He cast me in a TV series Making up is Hard to Do.

Stand up comedy

Sabina: I heard you do stand up comedy as well. Where exactly can we see you?

Karina: I regularly perform stand up comedy at The World Famous Comedy Store and went to the finals of US Comedy contest, which will happen in February 2018, also I got selected to perform comedy at Mutiny Comedy festival in San Fransisco, to be held in March 2018.