Audrey spoke with us about her experience on set and more interesting projects she is involved in.

Sabina: Audrey, can you tell us about your acting beginnings?

Audrey: I first started acting in France where I did TV and stage works. Then I moved to London because I wanted to start an international career and I thought London would be a good start. And it is!

Sabina: How did acting change your life?

Audrey: I wanted to be an actress since I am 9. I went to watch The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers, and when I left the cinema I knew it was what I wanted to do.

It brought me a lot of happiness and challenges. I’ve met absolutely amazing people who taught me a lot about myself, the industry. I keep learning and improving. It’s what I love about acting. And also to have the opportunity to share a story with an audience, to make them dream and think as well.

Sabina: What are your best projects to date?

Audrey: My best project to date is Elizabeth I, where I played Mary Queen of Scots. I really love period drama and I had an absolute blast working on it. My dresses were so beautiful, even if I wasn’t a big fan of the corsets. My second best project to date would be my last stage work called Evocation, where I did a one-woman show in an experimental theatre piece mixing acting, puppetry and poetry.

I never trained in puppetry before this show so it was a real challenge. I had an intensive one-month training and the director was absolutely amazed by the results.

Sabina: Can you tell us a little bit more about your role in the film Elizabeth I?

Audrey: In Elizabeth I, I was playing Mary Queen of Scots alongside Lily Cole who was portraying Elizabeth.

I had the chance to play her from her early 20s to her execution, which gave me a nice range to play. I was really excited to play a historical character, I’ve made lots of researchers to try to understand her better and why she participated to the plots she was accused of. I have also been really lucky to work with an incredible team.

The cast and crew were absolutely lovely and everybody did a great job.

Sabina: Do you have any interesting Film or TV projects coming up?

Audrey: I have two upcoming projects coming. The first one is an independent feature film called Minuit sur le Borough (Midnight on the Borough). It is a bilingual romantic comedy about two jilted strangers who make a pact to make the most of the last hour of the year. We are aiming to start filming in November and to send the film to festivals next year and starting at Cannes. The second, called The Catch is a heist caper TV series set across Europe and starting in London, in which I will be playing a disgraced detective accused of murder. We will start filming the pilot beginning of next year and looking for a release end of 2018. I’m really excited by both projects as they are distinct and I will have the chance to play very different characters.