Bang is the brand new bilingual Welsh-English drama penned by BAFTA award-winning Welsh writer Roger Williams and after one episode the show has already got people talking. Set in the steel town of Port Talbot, South Wales, the birthplace of Hollywood greats' Anthony Hopkins, Richard Burton and Passengers actor Michael Sheen.

Groundbreaking drama

"Bang" is a thrilling story about love and the human relationship between a brother, a sister and a gun. The lead role of loner Sam is played by 24-year-old welsh actor Jacob Ifan best known for his lead role as Jake Vickers in the BBC police drama series "Cuffs".

His life changes dramatically when he is given a gun and starts breaking the law. His determined sister Gina played by" Doctor Who" actress Catrin Stewart is a police officer who strongly believes the law is there to abide by and she has made it her mission to find the owner of the lethal weapon. The family drama centres around a criminal investigation into the shooting of a well-known local entrepreneur that makes Sam and Gina question their father's murder many years earlier.

Creator of Bang, Roger Williams said during an audience Q & A to launch the show "We set out to break new ground with 'Bang'. Reflecting the dichotomies of contemporary South Wales, the series is a crime drama and family saga made in Welsh and English, set against the backdrop of an imposing industrial landscape and beautiful natural vistas.

It is about the lawless and the law enforcers."

While actor Jacob Ifan admitted “I have loved every minute of filming "Bang" and I believe that the way we have filmed it is actually reflective of how people do exist and speak in Wales. I’ll be speaking one language to one person and then we’ll switch. I would definitely be interested in doing a second series."

Williams who has previously written episodes of the Channel 4 soap 'Hollyoaks' also revealed: 'I could not believe that nobody had rooted a drama series in the area before, it looks so beautiful on the screen." We are inclined to agree with you, Roger.

Michael Sheen

And, it seems Bang has already attracted the attention of one celebrity fan in particular. Port Talbot-born RADA graduate Michael Sheen. Roger revealed: 'Michael visited the set unannounced and had a chat with all the cast and crew and told us how pleased he was that we were using Port Talbot as the backdrop for the show.

Michael is in town a lot because his parents still live there. He is also opening up his own drama school in Port Talbot which is good news for performing arts in the town.'

Bang, S4C, airs Sundays at 9 P<