Dominic begins his chat talking about his audition for the Manchester School of Acting.

BN: Dominic, when did you decide to start acting and why?

Dominic: I started acting at primary school - landing lead roles in school plays etc. It wasn't until I was 20 though that I actively pursued it wholeheartedly. I got a chance to go for a meeting/audition at Manchester School of Acting and as luck had it I got in.

BN: What kind of acting are you most interested in?

Dominic: I'm interested in all sorts of acting really, but more inclined towards film and dramas.

I have had an opportunity to work on TV projects such as Shameless, Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, Doctors, Waterloo Road and Happy Valley etc., which has been great and I have worked alongside some great people and talent. It's only more recently have I had the opportunity to work in the film industry, however. I had the opportunity to work on a film called Allies which was a set around 1944 D-day. This was a fantastic project to work on as it was my first-period project, guns, loud explosions, tanks and air craft flying over head. I had always wanted to be involved in a project like this and it was everything I imagined and more. Also to work alongside the likes of Julian Ovenden, Erich Redman, and Chris Reilly to name a few was a real pleasure.

John in 'Walk like a panther'.

BN: Which are your best projects to date?

Dominic: My best project to date is playing John in Walk like a Panther. Such a big project and big production playing alongside some big names in the industry. Walk like a Panther is a big project because it has comedic genius not only from the writer and director Dan Cadan but also possesses an all-star cast of to name a few, Stephen Graham, Julian Sands, Jason Flemyng.

This Fox International production has huge potential and all the ingredients to be a big success. This could be one of those films people will watch over and over again like you do with the Goonies every time it pops up on your channel list.

BN: What kind of acting projects are you looking forward in the future?

Dominic: In the future, I am looking forward to getting stuck into many film projects and characters.

I've been getting closer and closer to landing big roles in big productions for a while now and with a little bit of luck, it's coming to fruition. I think whats helping me achieve more success now in the industry is a combination of elements. Most importantly I think a change in my attitude, when I started work came easy and I maybe lost a bit of drive and determination. Took it for granted, probably thought I was better than what I actually was. Now I'm more focused and determined to forge a career for myself, and yeah, it's hard work, but one thing I have learned is you can always work harder. Age is another factor why I'm working more, as I'm getting older my playing age is increasing too.

I potentially have a market of 12-15 years difference of roles to go up for now. Re-training is another reason for success I believe. I got a little bit stalled with my old methods etc and decided to go back to school and change things up a bit. You're never too good to learn. Even the greats do it.

Working in America

BN: Where do you see yourself in the future? We heard you are interested in working in America.

Dominic: In the future, I see myself stateside as I think I'm more suited for the US market and that's where I visualise myself working more regularly. I am interested in working in the States - I'm currently applying for my O-1 visa and looking at spending three months out there from Jan-March 2018.

I am looking forward to having a crack pilot season and getting myself out there and showing not only what I can do but who I am. Also building a good relationship with people on that side of the pond too.