Heathers is the musical that you wish could be real. From explosives, comedy, witty scripts and catchy tunes it truly has it all.

What is 'Heathers'?

What starts off with a mean-girl vibe slowly develops to become an elusive dark thriller that will leave you on the edge shedding tears, or completely terrified. Many people online say that after watching it once they can't help but watch it again and again.

Some of you may recognise the name Heathers, and there's an explanation for that. Heathers was originally a film starring Winona Ryder that encapsulated the idea of school bombings and psychopaths.

The film has been called a cult classic which truly alters perception on life. However the musical takes it one step further. It enhances the characters' personal development and makes us really relate to and adore every single character portrayed.

Upbeat yet emotional

The musical includes multiple deep and profound topics such as teenage suicide and the LGBTQ+ community, yet manages to make such touchy topics easy to watch and understandable through euphonious harmonies.

It fits in every genre

Another commendable point is the fact that this show fits into nearly every category-

Comedy- Laughs and jokes are written in neatly for the audience to enjoy.

Romance- As always there is an undying love throughout the whole performance to capture the youth and beauty of the human heart.

Drama- Bullying and backstabbing is an underlying theme that can be witnessed as you reach for more popcorn.

Horror- To put it politely, Heathers probably has the most deaths that any musical has ever seen.

And action- You are lucky to watch the main characters try to escape the hard and impressionable high school experience.

So thus if you and whomever you like to watch shows with don't particularly get along in choosing a genre or a certain film to watch - Heathers is calling your name.

If you've made it this far in the article it's probably because this has hit a note. And if it has then that means it's time to get online and start buying some tickets for this breath-taking show.

If you're married and want a romantic night out or you live alone and want something to do other than binge watch Netflix- Heathers is calling you.

However, don't fret if you're slightly bankrupt right now or are saving up for a big holiday blowout- Youtube also has plenty of recordings of this show to watch. Just type in heathers musical and away you go.

Thanks for reading guys. Hope you learnt something new.