It is the film that everyone wants to own but no one will admit it's part of their collection. Yes, the new instalment of El James` book franchise fiftyshadesdarker Is out on DVD and Blu-ray. Spend a Saturday night with a bottle of plonk and your best girlfriends and press play. This is where you get to see what is happening in the lives of

This is where you get to see what's happening in the lives of Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). It will also be answering the questions audiences have been asking since the first film ended.

When will the pair reunite and how long into the film will it be until Jamie Dornan takes his top off. The film starts to gain momentum when Ana and Christian are reunited and they begin to negotiate how to redevelop their relationship. It's fun to watch them vying for control.

Recurring characters along with significant new characters

As this is a second instalment of the Fifty Shades Trilogy you will meet some familiar faces. As Ana and Christian are working out where their relationship is going it`s fair to say that Elliot (Luke Grimes) and Kate (Eloise Mumford) are thoroughly enjoying their own romance. At the start of the film, their romance is reaffirmed when the audience see Kate and Elliot frolicking in the sun.

Some would say she may be rubbing Ana`s nose in it a little, although it`s not clear at that moment whether Kate knows that Ana and Christian have parted ways. The other reoccurring characters come in the guise of the rest of the Grey family, which includes mother Grace (Marcia Gay Harden), father Carrick (Andrew Airlie) and daughter Mia (Rita Ora) who has had a dramatic change of hair style.

There are three significant new additions to the film, these are Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson) Elena Lincoln (Kim Basinger) a friend of Grace`s who taught Christian everything he knows, and Leila Williams (Bella Heathcote) the unhinged ex-girlfriend. These are three main obstacles in the film that unsettle the title characters and make their world less stable with the viewer observing what they are really made of when they react to these obstacles.

Travelling in a different direction

There was some major changes to this film but these have happened behind the camera. After constant disagreements with director SamTaylorJohnson EL James decided to have a different captain directing the ship on the second film. This came in the form of James Foley who has directed on some episodes of Billions starring Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis. The role of the script writer changed also with EL James looking closer to home commissioned her husband the screenwriter Niall Leonard.

It could be argued that all of the changes are down to James wanting to exercise her control over her own creation. Happily, Fifty Shades Darker reflects a more harmonious team behind the scenes.