Man, Disney know how to utilise synergy. They’re just sucking up every company on the face of the planet Earth and crossing them all over with each other to scratch each other’s backs and rake in as much money as possible. The purchase of Lucasfilm, and with it, “Star Wars,” went a long way towards synergising all their corporate brands, because anything with the “Star Wars” label on it is guaranteed to have millions flocking. The world is now putty in Disney’s hands, and it’s all thanks to that final nail in the capitalist coffin.

‘Good Morning America’ made the announcement in a tweet

The ABC morning show “Good Morning America” sent out a tweet teasing big “Star Wars” news coming up. It’s worth noting that ABC is owned by Disney. Synergy! The “big announcement” teased by the tweet will apparently be delivered by “Luke Skywalker and Rey together,” and it’s supposedly a news story “40 years in the making,” which is certainly a reference to the upcoming 40th anniversary of the cinematic release of “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,” which was first released in theatres on 25 May 1977.

This tease is sure to excite fans, especially given how the annual “Star Wars Celebration” convention is just a few days away. It will begin with a lavish panel honouring the franchise’s 40th anniversary, followed by new information and clips (including a new teaser trailer) from the upcoming, hotly anticipated, long awaited “The Last Jedi,” which will follow on directly from the last saga canon instalment, “The Force Awakens,” which divided fans because it’s basically just a rip-off of “A New Hope,” but some people liked that.


Let’s go back to Disney and synergy, because they’re really the best at it. They used their top morning show on the top TV network that they own to get leagues of “Star Wars” fans all riled up about this “big announcement,” on their hands and knees, begging for the news. Suffice to say, the $4 billion purchase of Lucasfilm has paid off handsomely.

They’re making that back on the films alone, but the merchandise is doing much better business than the films. Disney are using “Monday Night Football” on their other network ESPN to plug “Star Wars” now. Synergy!

“Good Morning America” is boosting its ratings using classified information about “Star Wars” that only its parent company knows to lure in millions of fans who don’t want to miss “an announcement you won’t want to miss” and will therefore be tuning in tomorrow on 11 April to find out what this “big announcement” is.

What could the ‘big announcement’ be?

The fact that Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill and the late addition (really late, like four decades late) to the “Star Wars” saga’s cast, Daisy Ridley, will be making the announcement helps to fuel speculation. Some speculate that the announcement could have something to do with the suspect new trademark Disney and Lucasfilm have filed: “Star Wars: Rivals.” What could this be? fans have pondered. A new TV show for ABC? A new videogame? We’ll just have to wait and see.