middle east expert Michael Lüders in an interview with Deutsche Welle analyzed the latest confrontation between the United States and Russia. He believes that the US is already preparing the attack on the mainstay IS Raqqa and is not sure that the Russians will remain passive.

"It is clear that there is a dangerous potential for escalation. A replacement war is happening in Syria. On one side, the United States, the EU, Turkey and Persian Gulf countries want to drop Assad. Russia, Iran, and China do not want to in any case. If therefore, they carry out such an attack that is now ordered by Trump, then, of course, there is a risk that they will not stay with this one attack.

That thing is escalating and very quickly on Syrian soil, we will have Americans and the Russians on the opposite side of each other." Said Lüders. He added that Moscow believes that at this time they will not respond, but in the case of a new attack that could hurt the Russia and that we should expect a very rapid escalation.

The offensive in Raqqa?

"Let us not forget that the United States intends after the constitutional referendum in Turkey on April 16 to launch a land offensive with US elite troops to Raqqa, the main stronghold of IS in the east of Syria. 400 US troops are already stationed in Syria. Will it work to take Raqqa and then what? That would, in any case, mean a confrontation.

How it will develop in time we can not know, but in any case, this is the greatest degree of danger," believes this political scientist, an expert on Islam and publicist for DW.

US aircraft carrier headed for North Korea with a fleet

Less than 48 hours after bombing the Syrian air base to punish the Assad regime for chemical attacks, the US decided to show their power in the framework of the North Korean nuclear dispute.

A US aircraft carrier and its fleet are heading toward the Korean peninsula, the spokesman for the American command in the Pacific revealed, mentioning clearly the North Korean nuclear threat.

The US command in the Pacific has ordered an air-naval group staggered around the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to be available and presented in the west Pacific as a precaution.

Commander Dave Benham noted that the number one threat in the region remains North Korea because of its irresponsible, destabilizing program of missiles, and the continuation of research to have nuclear weapons.

The group is composed of the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson from class aircraft carrier Nimitz, air squadrons, two destroyers to launch rockets and cruisers to launch missiles. Although originally supposed to go to Australia, it went through the Western Pacific near Singapore. North Korea performed five nuclear testings since 2016 and two satellite images suggest that a sixth test mode is in preparation.