Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon wrote to her British colleague - Theresa May, and has officially requested permission to hold a second referendum on the independence of Scotland. The referendum should happen before Britain leaves the EU.

Results of the referendum on Brexit held in June questioned the future of the country because England and Wales voted to leave the EU, and Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay.

The Scottish Parliament voted on Tuesday to hold a Referendum On Independence in 2018 or 2019, but the UK government at Westminster must give their permission for it.

Nicola Sturgeon writes to May asking for a permission

Having received a mandate from the Scottish Parliament, Sturgeon wrote a letter to Theresa May in which she formally asked for permission to call a new referendum.

On it's Twitter profile the Scottish government has published a photo of Sturgeon, relaxed, sitting on the sofa with the message that said: 'Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon in (official residence) Bute House in Edinburgh working on the final draft of the letter of Article 30 of the Prime Minister Theresa May.'

The decision on Article 30 is a formal mechanism by which the government of the United Kingdom was temporarily handed over the authority of Scottish parliament to organize a referendum.

The media reported that the letter will be delivered to May later on Friday.

Sturgeon insists on a new referendum because Brexit change related Scotland with the United Kingdom and Europe against the will of its inhabitants. Theresa May believes that Scotland already said their views on the first referendum when 55 percent of voters voted to stay.

Now is not a good time for referendum

The two prime ministers met on Monday, after which Sturgeon revealed to the BBC that the meeting was cordial, but that May has not given up her position, and that now is not a good time for a new referendum.

Great Britain will require agreement on Brexit which will not leave her 'half inside, half out' of the EU, British Prime Minister Theresa May said in a speech before the meeting.

Her goals include abandonment of privileged access to the single market of 500 million consumers and abandoning the European Cour of Justice in exchange for full control of British borders, according to several newspapers.

Donald Trump approves of Brexit

American president Donald Trump said that Brexit will prove to be an excellent move and that the other EU countries should follow the British way. He promised Britain that they will soon sign a bilateral trade agreement.