Inspired by the biggest Hollywood film directors

BN: What was the main reason to join a film industry and to become an VFX artist?

Jay: I grew up in a small town of India, called Hyderabad. As a child, I always wanted to be a filmmaker, and the films I loved were from directors like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and James Cameron. One thing that was common among these directors was that they are known for creating a world of imagination by combining VFX. By the time I went to College, I realized it was going to be financially challenging to pursue my dream as a filmmaker.

Then I came across the VFX training schools in India, which I felt could be a good way to get myself in, by learning the art of VFX and somewhere down the line I could make the films on my own if I knew the VFX part.

Juggle between doing films and commercials

BN: With what kind of challenges are you facing as an artist? When you are involved in a big Hollywood movie?

Jay: The biggest challenge working in Hollywood big budget films are the unavailability of director on the floor. We spend weeks to create some very cool looking VFX, only to realize that this is not what the director is after, then we end up making other versions after another. This really kills the excitement of artists, but on the other end, they have budgets to create some very hi-quality looking content.

Therefore I always tried to juggle between doing films and commercials. In commercials, you get the opportunity to bounce around ideas with directors very easily, which essentially helps to make the end product look good with a reasonable amount of time. which boosts the confidence as an artist. But you don't necessary get enough time to polish the VFX as one would in films.

BN: Which are your biggest film projects to date?

Jay: That's got be Jupiter Ascending, the amount of VFX was insane in that film, but it was not only insane in amount but it was insanely beautiful looking VFX work. And the biggest plus point for me was that I was getting feedback on my work from amazing Andy and Lana, directors of my all time favourite film Matrix.

Joining VFX with film directing

BN: You directed a short film "Homes Of Hope" and won an award for "Best Sci-Fi Short Film" award at New York City International Film Festival. Do you also want to focus on film directing in the future?

Jay: Yes, I am quite excited to see our film "Homes of Hope" is doing quite well in festivals. Yes, I would love to continue directing films, but at the same time, I enjoy doing VFX as well. So, most probably whatever films I am planning to direct in coming years are going to be visually appealing. This way I can enjoy the best of both worlds.

BN: What are the film projects you are planning to do in 2017?

Jay: Short film "Homes of Hope" is originally based on the feature film screenplay I am writing at the moment.

This short was also meant to be experimental, in order work out all the epic VFX shots I am writing is doable for the final feature film in low budget. So I am hoping it to start filming this by late 2017.