Hollywood is the leading filmmaker in the world. It has global reach. The remake of a lovely fairy tale "The Beauty and the Beast" is a film that is to be relished. It's a beautifully presented film. As has been the practice for the last many years the film was released in India in English and also dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, and Telegu. This gives the film greater reach. The film is a global hit and all credit to Emma Watson who plays the beauty in the film. The movie is a fantasy which even adults can enjoy. The film has done good business in India and is catching up slowly to the other hit in India "xXX; Return of Xander Cage".

Maybe it won't overtake Xander cage, which had Indian actress Deepika Padukone in the lead. A local girl can make a difference. In addition, Vin Diesel has his own fan following as a macho star.

Box office

"Beauty and the Beast" is into its second week and it has netted Rs 16 crores at the box office. It is at present behind the other 2 big Hollywood films "Logan" and " Xander cage" which earned Rs 33 and 35 crores respectively. This corresponds to roughly Rs 3.3 and 3.5 million. The movie will reach somewhere close to these films in another 2/3 weeks.

India is an important market for Hollywood films. That is the reason the producers take care to at least dub the film in Hindi.Some who are more adventurous also dub the films in Tamil and Telegu.

Hindi and Tamil films are also being dubbed in English and doing pretty well on the global stage with a large Indian diaspora.

Better than the animated version

The Walt Disney film is a poem on celluloid with some lovely songs. As Indian films also have songs, this appeals a lot to Indian audiences. The English version has done well in the bigger cities like Mumbai, while in the smaller cities the public has preferred the dubbed version.

Moreover, the film is shot in 3D and that is an added incentive to watch the movie. Many had assumed that the film would not hold a candle to the animated version in 1991, but many feel this version is decidedly better.