The ceremony began as glamorous as every year. The event begins in the red carpet with the arrival of the stars and the looks of the curious to see their dresses, jewellery and hair. Oscars 2017, the Oscar of diversity for the number of nominated black actors - in response to last year's Oscar - will be in history far more for epic moments than for the films.

Trump in the sights

There was no lack of criticism of the new President, Donald trump. Actor Gael Garcia Bernal, when he was on stage, said that art has no walls and that he is against anything that divides people.

The Iranian director winner of the best foreign film category, Apartment, did not attend the ceremony as a protest against the Government's measures to ban immigrants from Muslim culture but sent a letter that was read on stage and much applauded. Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the night, could not be left out. He made reference to Trump and the North American press.

And the Oscars goes to

That criticism would come everyone expected. But what none of us could imagine is that, in the most expected award of the night and of greater importance, there would be a mistake. Acclaimed actors Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced 'La La Land' as Best Film of the year when the actual winner was 'Moonlight'.In an exchange of envelopes - in the absence of attention of employees - the presenters received the envelope of the best actress who the winner was Emma Stone, by 'La La Land'.

Confused, they announced the name of the film that was very celebrated by the team. But during the thanks of one of the producers, the correct information arrives on stage and Moonlight's team could hardly believe it.

Diversity and equality

Despite the confusion that is already historic, Moonlight's victory shows a possible new trajectory in American cinema.

In an Oscar where 'many of the same' were nominated, some of the movies and winners this year brings hope for more equality in the world and movie industry. And let's not forget the Hispanic actors who are in America also fighting for recognition. For more space and respect to the artistic class. For more diversity and equality. Be it white, black, Hispanic, Latin and etc.