Who could say that from the same industry where wars and gunfights have been waging lately, a story of pure love would emerge? 'Lala Land - City of Stars', among songs and colors, brings what was missing in the cinema: great entertainment.The movie tells the story of two young dreamers living in Los Angeles: the aspiring actress Mia and the pianist Sebastian, respectively played by Emma Stone and ryan gosling, both Oscar's nominated.

More than a love story

Mia works part-time in a coffee shop and spends the other half of her days auditioning and dealing with all the difficulties of becoming a professional actress.

Sebastian has just lost his job and is forced to accept all sorts of freelance work as a musician not to give up his career.Their paths intersect and, more than love at first sight, what happens is two dreamers who find themselves in love and willing to share their days and their dreams together.During the four seasons of the year, Lala land tells and sings the joys and surprises of the couple that together begin to deal with changes, doubts and fears.

Great entertainment

Breathtaking, the film recalls old-school musicals and, in front of the screen, you get the feeling you are living the classics of the past. Colorful and fabulous costumes, plus a good and captivating cast. An original screenplay that delicately describes the emotional reality of the human being without losing the magic of cinema.

Charming, it puts you inside the story, making you dance and applaud together.

Here to the ones who dreams

Emotional from the get-go , LaLa Land is pure love and dream. Hollywood shows there is still room for real entertainment and Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are responsible for making us believe through their beautiful performances.

So here's to the ones who dream foolish as they may seem. Because life should be this and only: love and dreams. And for two hours, LaLa Land allows us to live this intensely. It will certainly be a separate event at the Oscars that will take place next Sunday, 26th.