He puts pop in the electronic music without losing the charm. Songs like 'COLDPLAY'S PARADISE' and 'WE WILL ROCK YOU by QUEEN', are heard by the crowd in the perfect beat during the rave, in Lorena. There is no damage. there is the new. The marriage that worked and pleased.

Nice to meet you

At age of 25, Brazilian DJ Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo, or simply Alok, is already considered the biggest DJ in Brazil and number 44 in British magazine DJ Mag’s Top 100. He began playing at the age of 12 with his twin brother , Bhaskar, encouraged by his parents, precursors of psy trance in Brazil, and the founders of one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the country: The Parallel Universe.

Still, most of Alok's success came after he decided to fly solo in house music style. Ever since, six years ago, his career has not stopped thriving.

Welcome to the party

His shows are marked by great special effects. With each song there is a surprise coming from the stage. From exploding fires to colorful ribbons through the air, his music touches people and, for two hours, no one stands still. From classics to his personal hits, each note is sung by whoever is present and the dawn turns into a party in which everyone seems to know each other.Extremely friendly, Alok leaves his spot for a moment and climbs the bench to look at the audience more closely. Along with the light effects, one has the feeling that the DJ will jump in the middle of the crowd.Well, he may wish this as there is a smile on his face and a joy that certainly turns into energy and spreads through the crowded arena.

His charisma goes along with the sound, he interacts with the audience, talks and takes photos from above. He is grateful for the presence of the people and every applause.More than gigging, he is at home. He has control over what he does. When he hits the stage, audience belongs to him. Whatever he says, whatever he does, there will be a loving return.

It does not matter what each person's favorite music is. In front of Alok, everyone surrenders.

To the top

At the end of the show, it is very clear why he is so successful. Talent comes naturally and it could not be different.Alok, who is the founder of Up Club Records, his own record label, has played with international artists and around the world.

Despite his youth, he shows that he came to make history in electronic music and that there is still much to play in the four corners of the world . Those in love with house music and up for a good party are grateful.