There have been many; the Sopranos, Glee, Cheers, Frasier, Two and a Half Men and Modern Family. But unfortunately they do not make my list. I have chosen three; I could have selected more but I have not. So who makes my list?


Number one has to be Seinfeld. The show about nothing that went on to conquer all. As reported on the Media Mass website, Seinfeld was voted to be the "best TV show of all time". So what made it what it was? First of all the writing was on another level, the acting was superb and the episodes were all different yet great to watch.

It was the best because it redefined television sitcoms. John Lynch from the Business Insider website stated that Seinfeld introduced a "whole new form of TV-making". "They didn't just have an 'A-B' storyline, but instead an 'A-B-C and D' story". The extent of the show's success was demonstrated by the fact that, according to the Los Angeles Times, approximately 76.3 million people watched the final episode.


Next up is the TV sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. According to the Daily Mail newspaper, "Friends turned out to be one of the most successful sitcoms ever produced". What was key to the success of the show was that the characters were all different but together they were great to watch.

What was also impressive was that they merged the serious and the funny together. The episode where Rachel finds out about what Ross did (sleeping with someone else) exemplifies that. As their relationship sadly unraveled, the humour in the other room from the rest of the guys helps to lighten the mood and serve as a reminder as to what the programme actually was: a funny one.

The show was immensely popular. This is demonstrated by the fact that, over a decade later, they are still showing re-runs on TV.

Curb your enthusiasm

In selecting my final show, I simply had to go for Curb your enthusiasm. It was a tough one because I had to leave out Aaron Sorkin's brilliant West Wing. But watching Larry David get into all sorts of trouble has me laughing now as I type.

The show started in 2000 and went on to provide us with eight great seasons. The measure of how good Curb was can be illustrated in two ways. First of all by the great episodes that just reel off the tongue. The Survivor, the Palestinian Chicken and the Wandering Bear episodes to name but a few. And second of all how we all find ourselves in sticky situations and proceed to state, 'that was so Larry'. A great show.

As I mentioned, there have been some phenomenal tv shows over time, but these are my top three.