A few weeks ago, Shia LaBeouf started an ambitious anti-Donald Trump project called “He Will Not Divide Us,” in which he painted those words on the outside wall of a museum in New York City. The project was intended as a liberal artwork, with a camera set up so that passers-by could stand in front of it and voice their hate and concerns about the new Republican President, who’s been making some controversial decisions and divided the nation and he’s only been in office for a month.

The video was being livestreamed to a website, and the livestream was intended to continue for the full four years of Trump’s term as President, but it’s been cut short by three years and eleven months due to reports of gunfire in the area, and what do we associate with gunfire?

Conservative Americans. And what are they? Trump supporters. So, putting two and two together, LaBeouf has shut the exhibit down, fearing for the safety of its users.

LaBeouf tweeted his reasons for shutting the project down

After shutting the project down, LaBeouf tweeted that he and his collaborators had “taken the stream down after shots were reported in the area,” adding that “the safety of everybody participating in our project is paramount.” He co-founded the exhibit with artists Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner.

It had already been moved

LaBeouf’s project had already been moved from its original location outside the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York, to the El Rey Theater in Albuquerque, New Mexico, after the New York museum complained about the project being “an ongoing public safety hazard” and shut it down.

A few days after the Albuquerque move, vandals attacked the artwork with red spray paint, and now there’s been a shooting incident.

LaBeouf’s project HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US (the project’s URL, which will presumably now be shut down) was intended to give liberals some semblance of hope after Hillary Clinton’s loss devastated them, and also for some people who were turned from supporting Trump after the election or that huge proportion of people that didn’t vote and realised afterwards that maybe they should have, but I guess the conservatives win again, and using their precious guns, too.