It’s fair to say that actor Shia LaBeouf is not the biggest fan of the new President of the United States. However, he is a fan of experimental performance art, and he’s about to combine the two into something ground-breaking.

Webcam will feed footage from museum in New York

LaBeouf is setting up a webcam just outside the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, where he invites passers-by to complain about Donald Trump and his politics. The footage will be fed to a website called, which reflects the writing on the wall where the camera can be found, which reads: “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US.”

LaBeouf has come a long way since “Even Stevens.” This is the latest act of anti-Trump protest, after sixty groups turned out at his inauguration ceremony to voice their concerns (although some were protesting in his favour against the anti-Trump protestors; it all got very confusing), and the women’s march on Washington.

The livestream will continue for four years

The livestream will continue around the clock, 24 hours a day, for the next four years, riding out Trump’s entire Presidential term. If he is impeached, it could end early, or if he’s re-elected in 2020, it could continue for four more years. As it stands, LaBeouf’s livestream is expected to continuously feed to the website for four years.

That means that over this time, it will accumulate over 35,000 hours of footage. LaBeouf is known for doing unconventional things like this as a means of creative expression. He cut his own face on the set of “Fury” because he didn’t feel the makeup effects were realistic enough.

Despite this, his acting career still thrives

LaBeouf is not letting his political performance art get in the way of his acting. While Mark Wahlberg has taken the reins from LaBeouf as star of the “Transformers” franchise where he made his name, LaBeouf continues to appear in films.

After appearing in last year’s hard-partying romp “American Honey” and narrating the experimental drama short “Everyday Performance Artists” about life feeling like an actor trapped in a Film, LaBeouf will play tennis legend John McEnroe in “Borg/McEnroe,” which follows the heated rivalry between McEnroe and Bjorn Borg (played by Stellan Skarsgård) during the 1980 Wimbledon final.