Ladbrokes are taking 2-1 odds that at some point during his term, soon-to-be President Trump will be impeached and kicked out of the Oval Office. Let’s take a moment on the day his Presidency begins to consider what day it might end (in the hopes that said day is not four years away).

Constitution definition of ‘impeachment’

According to the Constitution, a US President can only be impeached for “Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanours,” so legally speaking, it does seem likely. However, Trump’s biggest controversies, such as making fun of a disabled reporter and sexually assaulting women, may not be seen by the Supreme Court as constituting one of those four conditions for impeachment.

But one has to remember that he’s not quite President yet. Trump is about to wage a trade war with China, ban an entire religion from the country (which will make ISIS furious and rapidly increase their number of recruits and their number of attacks on America), and he’s been jibing Kim Jong-Un over nuclear weapons (which he will now also have control over) and Kim’s threats of a rocket that could reach American soil from all the way over in North Korea, so who knows? Maybe with all this new power, Trump’s inevitable upcoming controversies will be impeachable acts and his Presidency will be calling it a day nice and early.