Seth Rogen and his “Superbad” writing partner Evan Goldberg, who have been branching into TV production in recent years with AMC’s comic book adaptation “Preacher” and FX’s upcoming animated comedy “Bigfoot,” are working on a new comedy pilot, also at FX, titled “Singularity,” a pitch by Korean writer Sonny Lee, who has also written episodes for “Silicon Valley,” “2 Broke Girls,” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (so, a mixed bag in terms of quality, two great shows and one terrible).

The show is about artificial intelligence

‘Singularity’ is set in a future world in which artificial intelligence is around and has greatly overtaken human intelligence, making us look like a bunch of idiots.

The show will focus on the social changes this brings upon. Lee is executive producing the show with Rogen and Goldberg, who are doing so through their production company Point Grey Pictures, named after the high school they attended together, which eventually led to the inspiration for their screenplay for “Superbad,” their first collaboration that paved the way for the rest: “Pineapple Express,” “This is the End,” “The Interview” etc.

Damon Wayans Jr. has been cast in the lead role of Doug. Wayans, who made his name on the show “Happy Endings” (although his name had already been made and then some in the 1990s and throughout the 2000s by the bunch of famous comedians in his family), is a free man now that the show has ended.

He has reportedly been receiving many offers to do TV pilots for broadcast networks, which pay more in the long run if the show is successful due to syndication deals, but he has decided to take the job on Rogen and Goldberg’s cable pilot instead. His character Doug lives in the moment, wears Yeezy brand clothing, and unlike some of the other people in his futuristic environment, Doug embraces the AI technology and its place in his society.

Rogen’s other upcoming projects include belated DreamWorks Animation release “B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations,” appearances in James Franco’s latest directorial efforts “Zeroville” and “The Disaster Artist,” a project with Ben Schwartz and Adam McKay, and a Film adaptation of the “Where’s Waldo?” books (which is actually happening for some reason), as well as a potential “Sausage Party” sequel inspired by “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” which Rogen claims is one of his favourite films of all time.