Rapper Kanye West wandered into Trump Tower in New York for a 15-minute meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, a few weeks after openly endorsing him during a concert. This however led to boos and audience members throwing things at the stage. He also announced during the show that he is serious about running for President in the 2020 election cycle.

Press were baffled to see Kanye enter the building

West, backed up by his entourage, ambled his way through the army of journalists that now surrounds Trump Tower around the clock. Fifteen minutes later, West exited the building with a big grin, now joined by Trump.

When the press asked Trump why he was meeting with West, he told them that the two are “just friends and he’s a good man". He also added that they have “been friends for a long time.” They then asked him what he and West discussed during the meeting, to which he simply responded, “Life.” That’s what high-school teenagers talk about, that’s not what world leaders should be discussing, especially when there are important security briefings they could be attending.

Kanye ignored the press

The journalists bombarded West with questions, specifically regarding whether or not he is still serious about running for President and also asking if he is going to perform at Trump’s inauguration ceremony, but he ignored them.

He finally broke his silence, but all he said was, “I just want you to take a picture right now.” His wife Kim Kardashian was nowhere to be seen.

If West and Trump are good friends, it seems strange that West is determined to run against him in the next Presidential election. While West doesn’t vote, he did out himself as a Trump supporter, meaning he will probably run as a Republican candidate, pitting him head-to-head with his buddy.

West was recently discharged from hospital

During the tour West infamously endorsed Trump and received backlash from many of his fans. This was not only for interrupting the live Music they came to see with his political views, but also for the views themselves that Trump is the right choice for President.

And West also made the asinine suggestion that Trump bring on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (both of whom he hates) as advisers so that the country can be run by opposing political parties all suggesting their own ideas.

There’s a million reasons why that wouldn’t work, and the biggest reason is the same reason why we made political parties in the first place, because we have conflicting ideas, so we can’t just use them all.