Nadiya, a British Bengali, Muslim woman has been given her very own food show to be featured on British Television.

Nadiya's Revolution

Nadiya first rose to fame when she won the British Bake off since then Nadiya has become an accomplished author, columnist and a TV presenter. Nadiya's initial win on the Bake Off was revolutionary, a Bangladeshi Muslim woman to win a British show was groundbreaking.

It was the complete opposite of what people were seeing and hearing from the media and the news, that Muslims can be normal and enjoy baking and be British.

Since Bake Off Nadiya has featured in another programme, where she visited her home country of Bangladesh. The BBC aired the two-part programme called 'The Nadiya Chronicles', this show featured her journey across Bangladesh, which had a travelogue feel to it.

On the tour of Britain

The news spread that Nadiya will grace the public with her presence on British Television. The new show will be an eight-part series that will follow her journey across Britain.

She will travel up North to the Scottish Highlands to southern parts of Britain such as Devon and Dorset. The show titled 'Nadiya's British Food Adventure' will show her visiting different regions of Britain, and each region will be dedicated to an episode.

Nadiya told the BBC that she is very excited to hit the road and get inspired by new people and new recipes. "I can't wait to meet these local food heroes, to find inspiration in the most unusual food stories and unlikely ingredients and then come up with some brand new recipes in the kitchen, adding my own special twist."

Nadiya highlighted that there is plenty of new inspiration out there and that is what she is after.

"Our country's regional cuisine is much more than tried and tested traditional dishes - there are quirky and clever food producers out there who are reinventing British food in unique and exciting ways."

The traditional British dishes are always being made personal, with food producers adding their own touches and that is exactly what the show will feature.

It seems that the much-loved Bake Off sweetheart is eager to carry on baking, travelling, being on our TV screens and still being British.

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