While actress Jodie Foster hasn’t been in much lately as she’s turned her focus to behind the camera, she still carries a lot of weight in the industry, is still hugely respected and admired, and can still influence public opinion. She has spoken out against President Donald Trump, specifically his proposed Muslim travel ban, at a rally outside the offices of US talent representation firm United Talent Agency (UTA).

A bunch of UTA’s A-list clients appeared at the rally, where Foster, known for her acclaimed roles in “The Silence of the Lambs,” “Taxi Driver” opposite Robert De Niro, and “Contact,” was headlining with an emotional speech that packed a punch.

The stars are planning an anti-Trump protest at this Sunday’s Oscar awards ceremony, and Foster, who has won an Academy Award herself, endorses the protest.

Foster: This is ‘our time to resist’

The UTA protest was specifically targeting Trump’s proposed ban on travellers with valid documents from seven countries with mostly Muslim populations, which keeps flip-flopping back and forth with the White House and the federal courts and the customs guys at airports. One day the ban’s in effect, the next it’s not, the next it is again. Foster says that enough is enough, and that now is “our time to resist.”

UTA cancelled their Oscars party in light of the terrible things happening in the world, choosing instead to go ahead with a star-studded protest at their Beverly Hills headquarters.

Foster said that she usually is uncomfortable utilising her star power and public influence “for activism,” however, she used this as a platform to show just how important it is to rise up against Trump, because it has made her resort to this.

“This year is a very different year,” said Foster, “and it’s time to show up.” She called the Trump/Brexit era “the singular time in history...time to engage.” She’s basically saying we’re living in one of those times in the history books where future generations look back asking why no one in the antebellum Deep South stood up to slavery.

These are dark, dark times.

She says Trump’s Presidency is an ‘attack on democracy’

According to Foster, Trump’s “assault on free expression and civil liberties and this relentless war on truth” (alternate facts, according to that dimwit Sean Spicer) is “the first attack on democracy.” That would be the death of American values, by the way.

Foster said that what Trump is doing is “too familiar because history repeats itself.”

Foster, who has an impressive 77 acting credits across five decades, has most recently been praised as a director, with her films “The Beaver” and “Money Monster” opening to glowing reviews, if a tepid box office return. She’s not the first A-lister to speak out against Trump, but she’s not randomly ranting, and she’s making serious points. Her anti-Trump sentiments are best compared to that of Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie.

Foster pushed liberal agenda at rally

Foster opened her purview to everyone, adhering to the Democratic philosophies of tolerance and inclusivity, saying that “no matter where you’re born and no matter who you voted for, red or blue, whether you’re white, black or brown and all the colours of the identity rainbow, this is our time to resist.” She wants everyone from all walks of life (because everyone is affected) to get together and stand up and “resist” and “show up and demand answers.”

Foster is frustrated not just with Trump, but with everyone in his administration. “It’s our time to tell our elected officials to do their job,” saying that in an American democracy, “chaos, ineptitude, and war-mongering” will not be tolerated.