Cheryl confirms baby rumours

In an all exclusive photo shoot with Paris make-up artists Loreal, Cheryl revealed her baby bump in a fitted black dress. The star posted on Instagram "I am proud to announce that I am one of fifteen ambassadors working with @PrincesTrust and L'Oreal Paris UK to help thousands of young people turn self-doubt into self-worth. The 'All Worth It' Confidence Training Program starts now! Link in my bio".

Along with Cheryl were other famous stars who were part of the programme. Rumours of the star expecting her first child, first came into the public light when her personal hairdresser Wendy Iles confirmed the news back in January.

This was later proven when Cheryl's hairdresser posted a secret video going 'behind the scenes' of the new photo shoot, before swiftly deleting it.

But as we all know, once something get posted online anyone, anywhere can screenshot or get hold of it in one way or another which is exactly what Cheryl's eager fans did.

Cheryl's 'baby bump'

Since showing off her baby bump, the singer was spotted meeting up with former band mate Kimberly Walsh back in December, to meet the new edition of Cheryl's family.

The relationship between Cheryl and Liam has been an interesting and very public one, especially because of the big age gap between them. However, the news of the two stretched even further when they revealed how they were eager to start a family together.

Liam's sister even had to intervene regarding the baby rumours, furiously saying on her Twitter account, "bump or no bump, announced or not, it's completely up to my brother and Cheryl what parts of their private lives they choose to share and when".

Funnily enough, before Liam started dating the former Girls Aloud singer, he was asked in an interview what he would like to name his first child.

He replied with 'Taylor".

Payne said "I like the name Taylor. Taylor's pretty neutral for a boy or a girl. That's what I'm going to call my first child If I have children." So, lets hope Liam gets his wish to name his child Taylor.