The Monday's episode of β€˜Ishqbaaz’ serial aired on Star Plus in India ended with Anika (Surbhi Chandna) entering her room where Tia was trying to seduce Shivaay,

Tuesday, January 3, 2017, episode

Anika enters the room and asks Tia what is she doing in her room. A big argument breaks out between both of them. finally, Anika insults Tia by telling her that she is shamelessly staying in the house for free, and how dare she try to seduce Shivaye, her husband, in her room that too on her bed.

Anika throws Tia out of her room

Tia feels humiliated and argues by telling Shivaay is giving her a divorce and its a matter of time, she will have to go out of the house.

Annika tells her that there is still time for the divorce proceedings and she is still the wife of Shivaay. Still, when Tia tries to argue, Anika holds her arm and drags her out of her room and also presents her with a pair of chappals.

After Tia goes away, Anika enters the room, Shivaay is looking at her romantically as they both romance in the balcony to the super hit "Ishqbaaaz" title song 'Oh Jaana". Both keep asking themselves what's happening to them throughout

Ranveer saves Priyanka from goons

Priyanka is alone in the college camp, coming out of the tent when three of her male friends try to molest her.

Earlier they had also taken a MMS of her having bath in the tent. Now they threaten to rape her. At the right time Ranveer, her boyfriend comes and beats them up in filmy hero style and save Priyanka.

Tia and sisters plan to kill Shivaay

Meanwhile, at the Oberoi Mansion, Anika overhears Tia speaking to her sister Svetlana on their next plan.

Anika suspects that Tia is up to some mischief again and follows her thinking maybe this time she can catch her red handed.

Tia walks towards the outhouse where Shivaay has his office, the outhouse is dark and Tia catches Anika spying on her, another argument breaks out between the two. This time Tia reveals her dark side by telling Anika that Shivaay may be the only man in her life, but not for her she has many to take care.

She also tells her that Shivaay has already married her and the whole world knows that she is pregnant with his child, and now it doesn't make any difference if Shivaye is alive or not!

The servant of the home is seen aiming at Shivaay with a beam light and he breaks the glass of Shivaay's office window. Anika calls him at the right time and he bends down to pick up the phone. The episode ends.