The Thursday's episode of ‘Ishqbaaz’ aired on Star Plus in India ended with Anika, (Surbhi Chandna) about to light the gas in the kitchen after Tia had kept it ON since long.

Friday (Dec. 30, 2016) episode

The show begins with Tia watching Anika who is trying to light the gas, but at the last moment decides to cook in the Microwave Oven. Swetlana, Tia's elder sister who is present at the Oberoi Mansion disguised as a vegetable vendor, takes Tia away from that place. Jhanvi suspects her to be Swetlana but gets confused with her attire.

Shwetlana looks at Tej Singh Oberoi who is present at the house with a revenge in mind, but quickly moves away before he sees her.

Anika prepares food for the first time

All are waiting at the dining table to taste the food prepared for the first time by Anika. Dadi asks Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) to taste the food first as he is her husband. Shivaay tastes the Paneer dish, which tastes sour. He thinks if someone eats this, Anika will get a bad name, so he tries to eat all the dish by himself.

Anika gets some more from the kitchen and tastes the dish herself and finds that the taste is awful. Shivaye says's I had enough and rushes to his room to find some tablets to relieve his stomach.

They both argue over the bad food and why did Shivaay eat it in spite of knowing it's not tasty.

Shivaay asks her not to cook food again, not even prepare tea as she doesn't know how to prepare.

Meanwhile, Tia meets her sister Svetlana and tells her that until Anika has been removed from the way nothing can happen and their plan is unlikely to be successful.

Tia's evil plan to kill Annika

This time Tia throws some cooking oil on the floor while Anika is coming so that she can fall and get injured, but at the right time someone calls her to the kitchen as the refrigerator is not working and they need to take all the things out of it.

Shivaay sends back the tea prepared by Anika and the servant keeps it in front of Anika while she is working in the kitchen, Tia sees it and puts a couple of pills in it and slips away from that place. Anika drinks the tea and falls unconscious in the kitchen.

Unconscious Anika dumped in the refrigerator

Tia and her two sisters lift Anika and dump her in the refrigerator.

While all the members of the family are searching for Anika, two men are seen taking the refrigerator for repair. Shivaay gets suspicious. The episode ends.