The Friday's episode of ‘Ishqbaaz’ aired on Star Plus in India ended with Anika, (Surbhi Chandna) locked inside the refrigerator by the evil sisters Tia, Swetlana, and Romi.

Monday, January 2, 2017, episode

The show begins with the two refrigerator repair guys carrying the refrigerator in which Anika is lying unconscious outside the Oberoi Mansion. Everyone is searching for Anika. While Tia tries to distract Shivaay's attention by calling him into the room, due to the pressure from the other members of the family to search for Anika, he calls her mobile and it rings.

Shivaay traces the ringing sound to the refrigerator and asks the men carrying it to stop. He then goes near to it and opens the refrigerator door, the unconscious Anika falls out of it to everyone's surprise. Sihaav lifts her and takes her into the room.

Shivaay thinks Anika deliberately hid into the fridge

In the room, Anika regains her conscious, Shivaay tells her this is ridiculous, you are hiding in the fridge to win a silly challenge? You could have died inside. Anika insists she did not get into the fridge and someone might have pushed her inside. She doesn't even remember how she got unconscious.

In the next scene, the Kapoor sisters reach home after a narrow escape from the Oberoi Mansion.

They warn Tia again to drop her ego and stupidity and not to go behind Anika. They make their next plan and take owe to avenge their father's death by destroying the Oberoi's.

Anika comes back into the kitchen to analyze what went wrong and how she landed inside the fridge. She remembers drinking the tea before getting unconscious and suspects Tia's hand in this.

Shivaay and Anika get cozy

When Annika is coming from behind the stairs, Shivaay grabs her and they become romantic and stay there for some time.

After Shivaay returns to his room, Tia comes inside, locks the door, and tries to tell him that she is pregnant with his child and she needs rest. Tia insists that he spend time with her and tries to seduce him. At this time Anika enters the room and asks Tia to get out of the room as he is her husband and this is her room. The episode ends.