Not much is known about what will happen in “Once Upon a Time” when the show returns from its break in March, but we did get some clues from the ABC show’s creators, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. They were recently put on the “hot seat” and answered a bunch of questions from the fans. Their answers are published on Entertainment Weekly, but let’s recap what we understood from their replies regarding the upcoming half-season.

True love’s kiss won’t break the curse

According to the showrunners, the true love’s kiss, usually a cure for anything, won’t break the curse in the Wish Realm.

Well, as Horowitz added, this universe is not really a curse, it’s a real place now, so it makes perfect sense. There is no curse, it’s just a whole new world.

Speaking of alternate universe, it seems we will get to see Killian there as well! Their simple reply “yes” does not give away much, but it will surely be interesting to see what became of Captain Hook in the Wish Realm.

We will see more of the new characters

Horowitz and Kitsis commented that we will definitely be seeing more of Aladdin and Jasmine, as well as Black Fairy. They couldn’t say if we’re going to see Pan and Fairy interact, but they did stress that if we were to see Rumple conceived, it would be Malcolm, not Pan, as he and Black Fairy conceived him.

Perhaps we will see more of Rumple’s childhood, or Black Fairy’s background, there’s definitely room for imagination there.

And while we’re at Rumple aka Gold, apparently we will never find out Gold’s first name! He will simply stay “Mr. Gold”. Not knowing his name is in Kitsis opinion what’s makes it so awesome, finding out he’s called “Jeff” for example would lose its mystery.

Horowitz stated that they might reveal his name in Comic Con 2050 though. If only the show lasted this long…

What else is in store for OUAT’s upcoming episodes?

The savior mythology for one; according to the showrunners, there’s still more to learn about it.

It will become clear why Regina’s heart is still black despite being split from the Evil Queen.

Kitsis says they will continue with the idea of whether it’s possible to separate the good and the evil in people or is it just something that’s inside us and we have to learn to live with it. They said the condition of Regina’s heart will be of great importance in the next episodes.

We will also see how the Queen feels about Robin Hood, and fortunately for Gold, Belle will find out who is responsible for speeding up her pregnancy.

The characters from the Land of Untold Stories will continue to appear in the show for sure, but they weren’t clear on whether we will see new couples forming this season or whether there will be a wedding. And their unclear answer on whether an important character will really die when show returns already sparkled speculations that one of the main heroes will quit the show. However, nothing is confirmed yet, so we can only wait to know for sure.