The Saturday's episode of ‘Ishqbaaz’ show aired on Star Plus in India ended with Omkara chasing Svetlana's car while Shivaay (Nakul Mehta) and Anika (Surabhi Chandana) lose sight of Omkara's car as a wild storm stops their car.

Monday, January 16, 2017, episode

The show begins with Shivaay stopping the car while chasing Omkara; he stands between two roads unable to decide which way to go. Svetlana's younger sister Romi changes the direction board, and Anika suggests Shivaay go towards the other way. This is what The Kapoor sisters wanted.

Shivaay and Anika trapped in a thick forest

They go further and realise that they have come thru the wrong road, Shivaay gets angry on Anika for suggesting this path. He calls Omkara again who doesn't receive his call.

Shivaay's car crashes into a tree and doesn't start, leaving both of them stranded in the forest. Shivaay's mobile battery is dead and Anika forgot to carry her phone.

They both see a house in the forest and decide to go in, but Shivaay's health deteriorates due to bad weather. He has heart problem and Anika doesn't know about it. The medicines are also far off in the car from their place. Anika gets hurt by Shivaay's words.

Shivaay asks her sorry. Anika feels Shivaya is hiding something from her as he keeps coughing and asking to talk to Omkara.

She gets emotional and tells him that she is not worth sharing secrets with as Shivaay hold his chest in pain.

Svetlana traps Omkara

Deep inside the forest, Svetlana stops her car and comes out walking from the car. Omkara is shocked to see her walk as she was pretending she cannot walk. She goes into an old farm house knowing that Om is following her.

Meanwhile, Tia speaks to Svetlana over the phone and knows about the success of their plan and asks her to see that Anika never returns to the Oberoi Mansion again!

Tej threatens to divorce Jhanvi

Back at the Oberoi Mansion, Tej and his wife Jhanvi are still fighting over Svetlana. Pinky interprets and tells Tej that they have three grown up children who are about to be married.

And it will be difficult to find relations for them to marry if Svetlana (Tej's other women in his life) stays at the Oberoi Mansion. Tej threatens to divorce Jhanvi.

The show ends with Anika going out of the hut in the forest to get the mobile charger of Shivaay which is in the car. The storm gets faster and Shivaay follows her.