Donald Trump, who is due to be inaugurated on 20 January as the 45th US President in Washington DC in a grand ceremony that will be held outside the US Capitol is facing some severe criticism in spite of his inauguration ceremony being waited for with excitement gripping people all around the world to become witness to his swearing in.

On the other hand cracking jokes at the future President’s expense by some famous Celebrities does not seem to take a back seat. After the Meryl Streep feud, comes another, in the first "Saturday Night Live" show of 2017 by Alec Baldwin.

In the show, Donald Trump was openly mocked at by the actor on the scandal over the Russian Golden Shower in the form of some bathroom jokes that sent people in spurts of laughter and the show was back with a bang.

The Russian Pee-pee Party

It began with an enactment of Alec posing as Trump evasively handling the questions fired at him by press reporters regarding the influential reports leaked by British intelligence agent related to his secret ties with Russia beginning with lines, ““Yes, this is real life. This is really happening.”The act was spirited by the real showdown that took place between the President-elect and the reporters on Wednesday, his first press conference in six months.

During the show, Alec was seen taking hilarious yet subtly cruel jabs at Trump regarding all issues from his declaration laced with over confidence regarding his business, “I can run the Trump Organization—a great, great company—and run the country. I’d do a great job.” to his retort about his inauguration ceremony being about the people and not celebrities triggered by the lack of enthusiasm from the celebrities end to participate at the ceremony.

Trump’s acts being closely watched

The show seemed in no mood to spare him for any callous or loose remarks he has uttered or spoken about since being elected. Any controversy or Donald Trump’s ongoing dispute has been linked to in the show and mocked at be it Trump’s instigation towards John Lewis or his plan to repeal Obama Care.

Amidst all the pokes, the show somehow kept steering back to the Russian ties issue being hyped as the big Russian pee- pee party. It even went to the lengths of introducing a journalist as Vladimir Putin who came forth with some incriminating proof in the form of “Pee Pee Tape” which held proof that Trump paid prostitutes to urinate on each other.

What reaction does the jibing gets from Donald Trump is being waited for and it is left to be seen whether Alec Baldwin is ripped apart or spared by Trump, who is known for his arrogance.