The Thursday's episode of ‘Ishqbaaz’ serial aired on Star Plus in India ended with Tej Singh Oberoi meeting with an accident after he took Shivaay's car in which the break wires were cut-off to kill him.

Thursday, January 6, 2017, episode

The show begins with Anika (Surbhi Chandna) and Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) seeing their car tire has been pierced bay a sharp knife deliberately to scare the Oberoi's. Anika tells Shivaay that she had warned him before that someone is trying to kill him. Shivaay calls the security personnel and orders them to look into the CCTV and find out who has done this.

Anika worried of Shivaay

Anikka is worried about the life threat to Shivaaya, her husband. Shivaay promises her that nothing will happen to him and he won't allow anyone to come near her too.

Svetlana at Oberoi Mansion sets alarm bells to many

The scene shifts to Svetlana who is injured and is now lying unconscious at the Oberoi Mansion. She had saved Tej's life when his car break failed and he had crashed into Svetlana's car.

Pinky is seen telling Jhanvi, (Tej's wife) that the sooner they get rid of Svetlana, the better, as she is not the one who is going to leave the Oberoi Mansion soon.

Security person Ajay caught red-handed

Meanwhile, the CCTV footage shows that it is the home security guy Ajay who was cutting the wires of the camera.

The shocked Annika flashbacks and tells Shivay that it is this guy who had given her milk to drink and he was involved in breaking the office window glass too. Shivaye decides to change the entire security agency.

Tia gets scolding from Shivaay

Meanwhile, Tia gets a nice scolding from Shivaay after she asks him for a dinner date.

He tells her that, there is a security breach at home, his uncle meets with an accident and Tia wants to go out for dinner!

The angry Tia goes out of his room. Anika and Shivaye engage into romantic talks in their room. Rudra, Om, and Priyanka arrive and tell that the security guy Ajay is missing from home.

Shivaay calls the security agency and finds that they have not recruited anyone by the name Ajay at the Oberoi Mansion.

All come to a conclusion that Ajay is just a pawn and there is someone else behind all this.

Tia goes to Svetlana's room and tells her that their plan has hit the bull's eye and now no one can save the Oberoi's

Anika senses danger and tells that the conspirator is not coming in front and playing from behind like a coward.

Shivaay to prepare breakfast for Anika

In the next scene, Shivaay wakes up Anika early morning and tells her to get ready as today he will be preparing breakfast for her. Anika is shocked and asks why. He tells her that he wants her taste some good breakfast! He also gifts her a good smartphone which makes her happy. The episode ends.