There have been rumors for some time now that the sixth season will be the final one for "Once Upon a Time". As the TV show lost a significant portion of its audience during the last few seasons, some are not convinced it will last through the next. However, nothing was confirmed yet, and whether the series will be renewed for season 7 is still hanging in the air.

But just like the renewal, Emma Swan’s fate in the second half of season 6 remains uncertain.


The rest of the season 6 episodes are due to return in March 2017 and, according to some speculation, Emma Swan, played by former "Dr.

House" Doctor, Jennifer Morrison, will not escape her death this time. The spoilers reveal that Jennifer Morrison might quit the show for good, however, she has not officially confirmed the rumors.

The speculation started after series creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis refused to comment on the possibility that one of the major character in "OUAT" would die this season. In their interview with Entertainment Weekly, they played coy and did not give anything away.

Could Emma really die?

In the winter finale we found out that the hooded figure stabbing Emma in the prophecy is Gideon (Giles Matthey), the son of Belle and Rumple (played by Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin). To their horror, the new parents discover that Rumple's mother, the Black Fairy, had actually kidnapped their son.

Since the time passes differently in the world he’s been taken to, he comes back all grown up hours after being kidnapped, giving us no clue as to what darkness he was exposed to growing up, and why he would want the savior dead. What we know is, that according to the prophecy, he will be Emma’s undoing. He is the son of the “dark one", and if he succeeds, "Once Upon a Time" will lose its main hero for good.

However, we've learned that in the magical story of "Once Upon a Time", things are never what they seem, so no need to panic just yet. Neither Jennifer Morrison, nor the show's creators have confirmed the speculation that Emma will die, or that Jennifer will quit the show. Fans will have to wait until March to know for sure.