The fate of this popular fairy tale based TV Show is still hanging in the air and no one can tell if season 7 will ever see the light of day. There are a few reasons that would make one believe the show’s future might not be so bright, and what else could the first alarm be, other than the show’s ratings?

The views count

The last and 6th season started off quite well, considering it reached about 4 million viewers during the premiere on September 25, 2016. However, the following episodes had their audience decrease gradually and the latest episode managed to reach only about 3.3 million viewers.

Sadly, poor ratings aren’t even a new problem for the show.

"Once Upon a Time" has been losing its popularity for the last couple of seasons. The ratings have been declining slowly since the 4th season, which still had around 9 million viewers per episode. “Only” 4 million viewers during the first episode of the current season mean that the show had already lost over a third of its audience by then.

The why?

There’s a big question though, why are the fans giving up on the show? We’ve just seen the winter finale of season 6, which threw in a few more popular fictional characters, such as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, the Count of Monte Cristo, Captain Nemo and Tom Sawyer. Although it’s fun to watch how their stories fit into the main plot, it’s hard to look through all the holes oncers surely notice.

The plotline sometimes seems illogical and with so many characters in play, it’s very hard to understand their true motivations. It's not easy to keep the fans when the story doesn't make any sense and even the return of Evil Queen can't fix this.

The conclusion

Looking at the above, we can see why ABC could decide to either renew or cancel "Once Upon a Time." But despite lower ratings this season and the apparent cheesy plotline (you know, the holes), there are still at least 4 million fans out there who are not ready to let go of Storybrooke just yet!

So ABC, when deciding on OUAT’s fate, keep in mind that 7 is a magic number and when it comes to renewing season 7, it might not even come with a price. Pulling the plug however, will.