The Theory of Doppel Gangers what about the reality? We are all doppelgangers of ourselves. As we grow and change the person we have left behind is still a part of us. As humans, we go through these changes and travel from one developmental stage to another. We leave behind a part of ourselves call it a doppelganger - part of who we are but not what we become in the future. There are people out in the world that have an actual doppelganger someone that looks exactly like them.

The question is what would you do if you found out? What would you do if you met the person you shared a face with?

How would it feel to know that there is someone out there who shares your face? This is quite a startling discovery don't you think?

Literature and Drama support the theory

The idea of doppelgangers is what ITV series "The Scapegoat" grapples with. It was adapted for the screen from Daphne Du Maurier`s book of the same name, starring Mathew Rhys, Sheridan Smith, and Andrew Scott.

The feature-length drama explores what happens when doppelgangers really do meet. While unassuming John is free with no ties, Johnny feels the burden of a big family used to wealth and a family business that is struggling to survive. Meeting his doppelganger gives him the perfect opportunity to escape. He will have no idea of the consequences of his decision until it is too late.

While in this new situation John has to learn to think on his feet while trying to deal with his complicated family which includes a dissatisfied wife, two mistresses, unhappy siblings and a mother who expects too much. Stumbling through Johnny's life John begins to not only make sense of Johnny`s life but he begins to live it better.

By facing up to Johnny's mistakes at work and making amends with Johnny`s sister for something that happened in the past, John begins to unite Johnny's family. He is kinder to his mother, he stops having an affair with his sister in law. He also tries to help save the business. But when his counterpart discovers how much he has taken over his life there is an altercation and only one comes out of it.

As Elizabeth becomes Queen and fulfills a destiny that was never meant for her, John settles down with a family he only got through this strange twist of fate; when he became another man`s doppelganger.