So , congratulations to Scarlett Moffatt who was crowned queen of the jungle on Sunday , but this year's crop of Celebrities were just a bit too.....nice.celebrities

Where was the vitriol?

Where were the endless spats that we saw last year between Lady Colin Campbell and ex Spandau Ballet star Tony Hadley and Dragon Duncan Bannatyne? Where were the outright , over-the-top extroverts like Janice Dickinson who took the series by storm when she appeared, or the exploits of ex Sex Pistol John Lydon?

This season the contestants were grouped together from day one instead of creating two separate camps.

At least then you knew that one group of contestants were going to go without and it was that tension that caused the controversy. When the celebrities were actually separated on the arrival of Danny and Martin it created one of the few major arguments in the camp this year and all celebs confessed to disliking being pitted against one another. It even got to the extent of Lisa and Scarlett attempting to smuggle food in for the remaining campmates after they had enjoyed their huge evening meal. When would this ever have happened previously?!

This year was a huge 'love in'

From the moment Scarlett was rescued by camp 'Dad' Larry Lamb to the supportive tunnel each contestant had to run through before leaving for a trial and Larry consoling a sobbing Scarlett after she witnessed the argument between Danny and Martin.

We have never seen a group get on so well together. Even when the notoriously outspoken motormouth Danny Baker came into camp he was strangely subdued apart from regularly taking Martin Roberts to task. Martin stuck his head dangerously above the parapet on several occasions, being lazy, disrespectful to younger campmates but in this loved up environment virtually every celeb admitted to loving him despite his strangeness.

And by the end , he too had fallen in line with the others and became a respectful, calm shadow of the Martin who had come into the camp.

The huge love fest came to a head when celebrities actually burst into tears when other celebs were voted off. This was not someone going 'over the top' at the Western Front; they were evicted and going to spend a few days in comfort at the five star Versace Hotel !

The horror !

We are familiar with the problems that have arisen over celebs eating various critters on the show and the furore it has caused with animal rights groups. But this year, with the exception of Carol and Scarlett's eating trial and Joel's final night eating trial the trials were basically a variation on celebs being shut in , exposed to or swimming with, a constantly growing amount of critters. And as unpleasant as that may be it is just a countdown through the minutes to win stars.

In one of the funniest series of recent years Corrie's Helen Flanagan flatly refused to do trial after trial and the celebs effectively lived on starvation rations. This year though, celebrities returned triumphant with 10 , 11 or 12 stars every day.

They even managed to win most of the Dingo Dollar challenges, so this year's crop were amongst the best fed we've ever seen.

So this year , are we seeing a more sanitized version ?

Were the vicious arguments and disagreements in last year's version too much for us ? Have the animal rights groups got their way and determined that no animal, no matter how small or unpleasant should be seen to suffer ? Have the trials been dumbed down to avoid unnecessary starvation diets for the celebs ?

Should we be grateful ?

This year, for once, we didn't have the unpleasantness of previous years. What we actually saw was a group of strangers working together, being supportive and encouraging each other, protecting the weaker members and working as one to achieve the same goal. If that is the case then the producers should be lauded for selecting such a fabulous group of celebrities and hopefully this year will set a precedent for years to come.