Every girl wants to pursue career after completing her graduation or post-graduation. It would not be wrong to say that finding a job could be easy but starting a woman-owned business is daunting process. This is due to the reason that society we live in does not support females to greater extent, and they are not given full freedom to do their own businesses. According to Neela Seenandan of Hanold Associate, women should take maximum advantage of modern careers.

Recently conducted survey by researchers at Harvard Universityreveals that high school girls are excited and hopeful to play significant role in shaping future of their countries.

They seem to be quite motivated to move on in professional lives and their target is to achieve the goals in next few years. If you are a woman with great ideas in mind, you must begin your own business. Several incentive programs encourage women-owned businesses, so if you have lack of funds you can opt for any of these programs. Here we have given brief of how you can start your woman-owned business in next few months.

Understand the criteria

The very first thing you should do is develop understanding of how whole process goes on. For qualifying as a certified businesswoman, you need to submit an application to government. In addition to this, there should be more than 52% females working under your ownership.

It would give glimpse that you support other females too, encouraging them to establish themselves. The women-owned companies with most female employees have high chances of being accepted by official bodies. Another key requirement is that you must be the citizen of country where you have submitted application of business acceptance.

Getting started

Once you have understood whole procedure, next step is to look for physical office for your company. During this period, you should start recruitment process. Remember that this is not going to be easy. You must hire people on the basis of merit. The candidates with most experience and good education background can help you to bring business to the peaks of success.

Get the documents in order and save them somewhere

You must file Form SS-4 with the IRS. Not only this but also you need to get DUNS number for establishing credit history of your company. Make sure once you’ve received all documents, you save them in locker of your house.

Approval and certification

You would have to give yourself some time to complete the paperwork. Once it is done, review committee would pay a visit to your workplace. If they find it suitable, you would receive certification very soon.

Begin and keep working

Last but not the least we would like to say that you need to work hard for next few years. Getting approval and setting up business is not everything. Your focus has to be on how to give new horizon to business. Think out of the box, and collaborate with co-workers and employees to get better results.