Both Ruby Sparks and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein deal with the issues and consequences of creation. Although it bears no importance to the film these two stories do parallel as they are both about something that has been created by another - albeit one creation is made by a scientist and another is made by a writer. Meet Calvin Weir-Fields a one hit wonder who published his first novel at 19 and has been living on that one successful moment ever since. Knowing he wants to write again - not knowing where to begin, his therapist gives him some advice that is going to change his world.

When Calvin tells him about the imaginary girl he has been dreaming about the therapist suggests that he should write about her.

Ruby Sparks - the girl who invaded dreams

Instead what he does is write her off the page and into life. Enter "Ruby Sparks" the girl that invaded his dreams has now entered his reality. But can the girl of his dreams really live up to the fantasy in reality?Through Ruby Sparks Calvin is able to go on an adventure and release his writer's block. But when he has the power in holding the pen he decides in the end that he doesn't want to control her anymore, He wanted her to have her humanity and be free. He would meet her again at the end of the movie. He would meet her as the person she was and not the person he created and controlled.

Writing and Directing 'Ruby Sparks'

Zoe Kazan who stars as "Ruby Sparks" wrote the screen play for the film. In an interview with Marc Ciafardini founder and editor of, Zoe talks about the fact it was Paul Dano`s idea that they should star in it together. Zoe talked about collaborating with the directors to get the best script possible.

They talked a little bit about how lucky they were to also have the likes of Steve Coogan and Antonio Banderas in the film - how t Antonio Banderas would lie out in the sun to top up his tan to play Mort Calvin`s mother`s boyfriend. Go and see "Ruby Sparks" it will teach you how to fall in love all over again. This love will jump right off the page.