'Ishqbaaz' aired on Star Plus in India is taking new turns and twists day by day.

Saturday's episode begins with Shivaay lifting Anika and throwing her into the swimming pool, even he jumps in and twists her arms and demands an apology for misbehaving with Tia. Anika says he is not the Shivaay Singh Oberoi that she thought. For that, even he says she is not the Anika that he thought.

Anika begs him to let her go as he is hurting her arm, she tells him that she is ready to apologise to Tia. Then he lets her go.

Annika refuses to apologise to Tia

They both come to Tia's room; then Shivaay tells her that Anika has come to apologise to you.

Tia says she doesn't think so, After Shivaay's pressure, Anika walks towards her, takes the hair spray lying on the table and spray's in Tia's eyes, as she cries of pain, Annika says's sorry to her.

Shivaay then asks what is this, she say's apology is made when you make a mistake when she has not made any mistake then there was no question of apology. She adds that she made a mistake so that she can apologise.

Tia then tells Shivaay that if she can harm her in front of him, then imagine what she might do when I am alone. Shivaay too gets angry and tells her to give one day time to teach Anika a lesson.

Dadi shifts Anika's clothes to Shivaay's room

In the next scene, Dadi is shocked to see the wet Anika she takes her into the room, even Shivaay come there to change dress and is furious to see Annika's clothes in his wardrobe.

Then Dadi tells him it was she who bought Anika's clothes and kept in his closet. Shivaay says's it is his wardrobe and he won't share it with anyone. Then Dadi reminds him that he has married her and she will share his room, his wardrobe and even his future life too.

Shivaye then picks his dress and goes to another room to change.

Anikka too changes her dress and tries to run out of the room.

Shivay tells her that already she has caught a cold and she should rest in his room. Anikaa refuses and slips from him and steps out of the window.

Meanwhile, Tia is seen speaking to her mother over the phone and telling her how she was successful is poisoning the mind of Shiva against Anika.

She adds that now it's just a matter of time and Anika will be thrown out of the Oberoi house.

Shivaay see's Anika sleeping in the main hall and she is shivering with cold. As she has a high fever, he lifts her and takes her to his room. As he switches off the lights of the room, Anika who had a nightmare, wakes up and hugs Shiva and say's to turn on the lights as she is scared of darkness. She then falls asleep in his arms.

Early morning she is shocked to see herself in Shivaa's room.